Sunday, March 9, 2014

Buenas dias!!

Hola everyone! I am so happy to hear from all of you. I am just going to repeat what I did last week because it's so much faster and I have little to no time.  

saturday March 1st:
So we found out that the sister that had the fever actually has mono.... sooo her companion has joined with me and hermana tidwell and we are now a trio. We call ourselves the dream team because we work so well together haha! So hermana corriveau is our third companion. she is from illionois and is a 5' tall fireball! i just love her!! we had our first lesson as a trio  and it went so so well!! Our investigator has an awesome AH HAH moment and it was greatly spiritual! We had another lesson with luisa (the 60 year old woman who falls asleep in the middle of the lessons) and she started falling asleep again ha. that night the 8 of us sat in one of the classrooms with couches and just talked about gospel stuff and it was just great to hear all of their opinions from everything gospel to pretty ocntroversial topics and we were all so loving and accepting. none of us argued, just talked. it was wonderful! 

sunday march 2:
it was fast sunday and on these days at church we only go up and bear our testimonies in church. IN SPANISH. needless to say i did not want to get up because i was worried about my spanish. I sat and watched everyone else and listened to them and our zone leaders got up. both of them gave such powerful testimonies, they both cried and it was just amazing. i really really love both of them. they were great elders and will do so great in the field. they hold up to their calling so incredible well and are always here for the zone. finally some of the new elders stood up with the little spanish that they knew and bore their testimonies. it really humbled me and so i got up and bore mine. i lost it because there have been so many things on my mind that i just started crying and really just expressed how I know that God and Christ have a hand in my life so strong that I know that it will all be ok. one of the zone leaders, one who isnt known for much emotion was sitting behind me and i could hear him crying and so i started crying even harder. i had a meeting with them and expressed some of my concerns so they already understoof how i felt. my spanish came out just fine and i felt foolish for being so prideful and not allowing myself to be a tool for God by being proud. There is a distrcit leaving for Argentine on Monday that our district is so incredibly close with and we are so sad for them to be leaving. There are 5 elders and 4 hermanas leaving and i love each and every one of them. we have a great bond with them and i hope that we willall keep in good contact. We had a devotional that night and my companion got to get up on the bus and do the safety talk. it was so hilarious. i was in tears. She at one point said "please keep your arms, legs, and companions in the bus at all time." she is just a crack up. i am grateful for her everyday. at the devotional hermana lakin and i were practicing our british/australian accents and we convinced some elders we were from there. when they found out that we werent they were shocked. We watched a talk given by elder uchtdorf after the devotional and it talked a lot about following prompting from the spirit because you never know where they will lead you. it was really powerful. 

monday march 3:
We taugh luisa this morning again and it went ok. I dont remember too much of it. ha i has a headache so i felt bed because the other hermanas had to kind of pick up the slack. We got ANOTHER new investigator. and she is awesome. I wont give you any details really about her because i know this goes on my blog and she is a real person living her in provo. i will call her hna N though so you know who i am talking about. The other two people we are teaching, (migual and luisa) are or teachers pretending to be people that they taught on their missions which is why i dont mind talking about them on here. ANyway, the lady who over sees our lessons gave us great comments on everything. she said our spanish was excellent and that we really taught to the needs of hna N. it was so awesome! we have a gerat connection with her. i have been struggling with the tenses on spanisha nd memorizing them and knowing when to use them. i have been working on that in my language study and getting extra help from our teacher with it. (ps i am trying so hard not to write in spanish but it is hard!! we use it so much that it's becaoming secnd nature)

tueday march 4:
we had another lesson with hna N and we wrote our testimonies of the gospel on a note and gave them to her. our lesson was way way awesome! she came with questions and we answered as many as we could. we have such a great bond with her! After our lesson we were so happy and could feel the spirit with us for the rest of the day! We had another devotional this night from an old mission president from Brazil! He was so so funny and we went over the blessings promised in the scriptures to missionaries (not just full time missionaries like myself) and that our diligence and obedience isnt just for us but others. these things directly affect the blessing given to the people we teach, our families, and our friends. it makes me want to be that much of a better missionary for all of you. 

wednesday march 5: 
WE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR A WHOLE MONTH! WHOOOOAAAA yesteday was pretty normal. we had another lesson with hna N. it went ok but nothing compared to our lesson on tuesday. i had a headache again and wasnt as involved as i wanted to be. it is very frustrating. but they are getting ebtter. the woman who sees over these lessons expressed a little disappointment to us because as much as we taught the lesson it was less to her needs and i am disappointed in myself for not pressing though to help her anyway. ALSO! instead of gym today we got to be NEW MISSIONARY HOSTS!! You all know me well enough to know that i just basked in this glory. i got a name tag for it and everything. we got to help the new hermanas get to their rooms and then their classrooms and it was just so fun! we got 58 new missionaries yesterday, 6 hermanas for our zone. it was awesome! not as much as usual but thats ok! 

SON ONLY 11 DAYS UNTIL WE HEAD TO MEXICO!! I am so so excited! this time in two weeks i will be livivng and serving officially in the mexico cuernavaca mission! I will get to call my family on monday, march 17! Yay! I will email them about that stuff :) I cant belive it, this time has FLOWN by. i am seriously going to miss these girls so so so much!!! We get our travel plans later today or tomorrow! I am so excited and nervous! hemana tidwell and i have decided to lightly and slowly start packing this and next week so that it wont be as stressful as we have seen with other missionaries! 

anyway, i just love it here in the mtc. i have enjoyed it so much and have made some life long friends and forever memories. i cant wait to get to mexico!! ahhhh!! i miss you all and love oyu all so so so much!
con todo mi corazon

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