Saturday, March 15, 2014


Holy moly! I will be in Mexico this time next week! I am soooo excited but way nervous as well! yikes!! FIrst off, thank you EVERYONE for the love you guys have been sending me! I am so happy to hear from each and everyone of you. I am so sorry that I can't email you all back individually every week but I do the best that I can :)

Anyway, with my traveling stuff going on I have been emailing my family and whatnot to schedule calling times so this email will be rather short but I will try to add some pictures to make up for it :)

This week has been sad and awesome all at the same time. The last district, the ones that had the awesome district leaders left on monday for Argentina mostly, then California, Utah and one is left here because he was reassigned to the Dominican Republic. It was really sad for everyone. Pretty much all of us cried at one point or other, me especially. Of course. Cry Baby Naut. But I really did love each and everyone of them. Our district was really close with the zone leaders that were in that district so that was especially hard. They are amazing missionaries and humans ha. And We loved their guts. 

We had an awesome devotional on tuesday that really emphasized loving the people that we will be teaching and I just loved that. It really touched my heart. ALSO i saw a friend from back home who entered the MTC only a week ago, Elder Christian Fisk. He was one of my first mormon friends in reno the summer after i was baptized. it was so wonderful to see a familiar face!

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to one of our teachers, hermana pullen. She was our original investigator who turned out to be our teacher. It was really hard, she is just the sweetest and loved us so much. Then last night the funniest thing in class happened.

One of the hermanas in our district got orange and green fake mustaches in a package from hiome and we have been trying to decide for weeks what to do with them. we finally had an ingenious idea to kind of prank our other teacher, hermano chatterley (the one that I went to high school with).

Here's how it goes. so the hermanas wanted to pick a time when he was facing the board to write something down for us to put the mustaches on and then he would turn around after my companion asked "hermano chatterley, i mustache you a question." hahaha

so I totally forgot about it and he was turned around writing conjugations for saber and conocer on the board and we were supposed to be copying them down. So he is turned around and I am diligently doing the work. and all of a sudden the hermanas bombarded me and were trying to get my attention to put mine on. it caught me off guard so i quickly turned to where i hid the mustached but NAILED my elbow on the drawers behind my desk. so harmano chatterley looks at me and i just kind shrugged my shoulders and laughed and told him i was sorry. so at this point i lost it, everything was so funny so i was giggling and had tears rolling down my cheeks, naturally. so we for abour 5 minutes are trying to put these mustaches on. we finally get them on and hermana tidwell finally says the words about the mustache. so hermano chatterley turns and sees me and my companion with the orange and green mustaches on. but ONLY sees the two of us. his eyes searched our souls for understanding and the only thought running through my head "we are done for. he. is. PISSED." but thennnn he saw the orange of the other girls mustaches and 45 degrees by 45 degrees and saw everyone wearing them and his mind WAS BLOWN!!! and all I hear from his mouth is "THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME" and everyone was just laughingggg!!! and then hermana corriveau peed her pants hahaha so bask in that!

I was going to write more but we just had a random person walk into the computer lab AND we schedlued a meeting to talk with him tomorrow! so excited!!

anyway, love you all!!! thank you for everything!

con todo mi corazon

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