Wednesday, June 25, 2014

¡Vamos Mexico!

Hi Everyone!! 

So, for shout outs this week.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, inspirational and beautiful mother this upcoming Saturday! i love you so so much!!

All my love to you guys... It was hot and I was sweating so sorry
that I look like I haven't showered in six days hahaha I promise
 I have. Oh, and our water is out again... hahaha Love you guys!
This last week was quite interesting! We had to go to the mission home suddenly on Thursday afternoon and were in the city of Cuernavaca (where this mission home is) for the majority of the day Friday. We didn't get home until 10 on Friday night. The drive to Cuernavaca from Acapulco is about 4 hours IF there isn't traffic. The trip back to Acapulco on Saturday night took 5.5 hours because of traffic. We weren't in our area for pretty much two days. My companion needed to meet with our mission president on Friday morning for personal reasons. Please keep her in your prayers. Also, I needed to work on some things for my green card so it worked out for the best. We are probably going to have to return this week or the next so that I can actually get my card. I just hope that they give us more advanced notice so that we don't plan important appointments for that day. There is a lot of work to do here in Acapulco!

Thursday was my companion's birthday! Luckily we didn't have to leave too early because I planned a little surprise for her! I planned to have us eat with a family that she gets along with really well (she can be picky with people sometimes haha). I also gave them some money to buy a cake! I made her a card which turned out extremely well actually and I am pretty sure it was only by the Spirit of the Lord haha. This I did not plan, but the father of the family asked her to give the blessing on the food and as she did he got out her cake and when she finished the prayer it was right in front of her and everyone started singing... well i didn't because I still don't know the song they sing here yet haha. She was very surprised and it really made her day! She loved it! I know it helped her with some stuff that she is struggling with!

This would be the card that I made for my companion.
 It's me and her.... she always wants me to carry her
haha and I didn't draw our faces because
 I didn't want to ruin it hahaha
Well, we didn't quite have the turnout at church this week but we have some excellent people that we are teaching! Tammy is continuing to read and prayer. She is so earnest in seeking and finding an answer about the gospel. She is incredible! We have a couple appointments with her and her husband this week. We have some great plans to help her! 

This last week was kind of difficult for a variety of reasons but everyday was excellent! It's crazy to see that there were difficult times and yet never have had a "bad day." We are really look forward to this week and working very hard to find people who even though they might not think it, are ready to remember the plan of love that God prepared for us since the beginning.

FAMILY! I am working on getting my family tree together! Our mission president has asked us to do this so if you could pretty please send me all of the information about our family that you have I would really appreciate it!

MOM, please cut this paragraph out when you put it in my blog.

I love you guys so much and miss you all like crazy! Thank you for all of the constant love and support!

PS: In the spirit of the world cup ¡Vamos Mexico!

PSS: I love all of Enrique Iglesia's songs in Spanish. They are played in every taxi in Acapulco... hahah :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

I can't think of a a cool subject....

This would be the picture that my companion took
of me with my own camera the other night. We study
every morning but I have been trying to start and end
my days with God even more but sometimes
I am really tired. The heat gets to me, ok? hahaaha
Hey everyone!

Happy birthday last week to my sweet little cousins Sadie and Maddie! I love you girls! 
Also, happy birthday and Happy Father's day to my dad! I love you tons!!
I hope that you are all having an excellent week! The weather here has been hot, hot, hot every single day! Saturday morning all of our appointments fell so we ended up walking around for 3 hours straight in the sun looking for less active members from a list that we have. It turns out the mojority aren't less active, they just don't live here anymore haha. 

This is my new zone after the transfer that we just had.
I got moved to the back because I am the second
tallest person in the zone.... rude. The other elder wanted
to be in front so he kneeled down haha
We had some really great experiences this week. We found a wonderful couple and had a really spiritual lesson with them. The husband said the prayer at the end of our lesson and cried. When he finally lifted his head he told us  that he wasn't ashamed to be crying because he knows that he has found something with us. He is really trying to find God and faith in Christ. He is incredible. His wife is in support of whatever will help him. They are really excited to attend church with their kids but couldn't commit to this Sunday because they already have plans but have commited to attending the next Sunday. 

Also, this is how we eat mangos in Mexico!
Yesterday, we had SEVEN investigators in church! 5 of them came on their own! Two, Tammy and Peter came with us with a member and said they were only going to stay for the first hour. They ended up staying for all three hours! Tammy is super awesome! She loved it! When we were in Relief Society with all the other woman, we were missing a couple days for the food from the families that provide for us and she raised her hand to give us food for one of the days! I was sitting with her while my companion sat with some other investigators and I just looked at her and said thank you so much! She patted me on the leg and said that it was the least that she could do. She looked like she was about to cry! We haven't been able to talk to Peter but we are hoping that he enjoyed it as well! He seemed to like it a lot in the first two hours!

This has been such a great experience! There have been tough times and bad things that have happened but I have loved every second of it! I know that Christ truly died for our sins and for the tough times. He knows how to help us perfectly because He has already suffered what we are now experiencing. The plan the our loving Heavenly Father has for us is perfect! We have a divinity, a potential, that He has created for us. We can reach this potential when we are humble, completely rely on God, and have faith in Christ and His atonement.

I love you all so much! Have such wonderful weeks! 
Con todo mi carazon,

4 Months

Hiiiiii Everyone!!

So some members in the ward found two of these
 little guys on their front porch! i don't know what
 they are but I got to hold one! Don't worry,
I washed my hands afterwards!
Thank you so so much for your love this week and for all of your thoughts and prayers for my companion! After being bedridden for about 5 days, on Thursday we were finally back up and running! We didn't leave the house Wednesday because the ladies who were going to help us fell through. We stayed in a napped and talked and ate haha. It was frustrating in the fact that all I wanted to do was be out working but I feel like we talked a lot and were able to have a better friendship because of it. Even up until this last Saturday my companion has been struggling. The doctor said that she could go out but we hardly got anything done because we had to rest a lot. This week seems to be better so far. We will see! Please keep up in your prayers!

Please meet Ian! He is a recent convert and
 we are working with his parents to get baptized!
The father needs to get divorced and
then marry the mother of Ian!
So it has been raining here like crazy! And even though we have all this rain we haven't had water in our house for four days... IT'S LIKE CAMPING!! :):):) haha so we have this huge container in the back porch with water for these days. Then we use a bucket and fill that with water and pour it in the toilet after we have used it to make it flush. Then when we need to shower we fill the bucket and use a bowl... and well shower. Haha it's not the most fun thing in the world but it's life IN MEXICO! haha but I do hope that we get water again soon because we are running out of the water in the back porch. Some of our neighbors told us that it sometimes goes out for three weeks! 

So about our investigators.. We have one couple that are BIEN PADRE!! (Super cool, sweet, awesome) We met them about two weeks ago and haven't been able to really tlak to them since for things like my companion being sick or them not being home when we wanted
Ian's family!
to look for them.We saw her walking one day and asked us why we hand't come by and she seemed alightly interested but not a ton. We finally got to talk to them yesterday and the brother in law of the wife, Tammy, started going on about religion and how all religion is bad and all sorts of stuff, Well Tammy and her husband, Peter, started DEFENDING US and the church! it was so awesome! We had only tlaked to them once with another couple in the ward and they were interested but not extremely then and now after this and after teaching them about the church and how it came to be they are extremely interested. She literally said to us "Can you give me homework?" We gave her a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon and she and her husband have committed to read it. They really want to find God in
Ian's mother! She is an excellent cook! 
Also, my hair is now curly in Acapulco!
their lives and know about Him more. They have never really had any religion in their lives. They love the face that they can go on a mission together as a couple and serve. They love the principles that this gopsel teaches. They also committed to a baptismal date for July 26. Tammy told us that she really wants to know the truth and feel the love of God in her life. It was one of the most spiritual experiences in my mission so far. With that said, PRAY FOR PETER AND TAMMY! Please! I know that you all will because you are all incredible :)

My first care package! thanks mom and dad!!

Thank you all so much for your love and support! A mission has been the best thing that has ever happened in my life!

I love you all so so much!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hiiiiiiii :)

This is my zone right now. Yes, we are
the only hermanas and yes they are crazy.
That is all you need to know hahaha
Well, I am short on time like always but here are some updates....

The first, to get it out of the way, my companion has dengue. She has been ill for quite some time so the work has been hard. We weren't able to do anything on Saturday because she had to get bloodtests done in centro.
Yesterday we had to wait until we could find hermanas that are in our ward to do divisions, it has been hard. I have felt like a mother haha. I am praying for her health. We are in Centro right now waiting for more blood tests. 

In regards to our 60 year old Curtis.... well he broke our hearts this week. He is dropping us because he believes that he cannot live the law of chastity. He said if he could get baptized without following this he would He loves the church but doesn't want or "can't" follow this rule. We are still working with him though and I pray for him every night. 

Also, we got soaked this week.. literally... and
my companion lost my umbrella at an
investigators house when it rained last... haha
We are really working with the less active members in the ward. A lot of them have a lot of problems so we are really working to strengthen them. Every lesson we have had with any one of them has been extremely spiritual. I love it. 

Ugh, you guys. I just want to get to work. I love working with these people and my endurance, spiritually, increases everyday. I love the people here. We have transfers this week so we will see what happens. I have been in Mexico for almost THREE MONTHS and in the mission for FOUR CRAAAAZY! 

I love you all so so much! I know with all my heart that this gospel changes lives. It changed mine and it can change yours.

Thank you for all your love and support. I miss you all and am working as hard as I can for every single one of you.

Con todo mi corazon,

Acapulco lovin....