Monday, April 7, 2014

Para What? Parasites!!!!

Oh hey there again everyone... so this one time, a week ago I got really sick. I won't go into the dirty details cause you really don't want to know them but now I am taking some medicine for Parasites for the next few days and if that doesn't work they are sending me to the doctors soooo that will be an adventure haha.  I got
really sick Thursday and they sent me and my companion home. Friday morning we went out to search for an investigator and I got sick on the way so we came back home. We stayed in until about 5 and then I went and read my scriptures because I couldn't sleep anymore. While I was reading I read an awesome part in the book of Alma about service, that after we have cried out to Heavenly Father with sincerity of heart if that is all... it is not. We must then go and serve others with full purpose of heart. Well a sister from our ward was coming to stay with me while another was going to go to a couple lessons with my companion. We held back the sister who was coming to stay with me for an hour and tried to go out again to a lesson. We got to the lady's house and no one was home. We were gone for about 50 minutes and I felt like death. I tried very hard to stay out with them but they had to take me home. I was sweating from heat when it wasn't that hot out but my body was ice cold. No bueno. So I went back home and was in for the rest of the night.

Saturday was conference and the funniest thing happened. for la comida we went to a members house. I was only allowed to eat like bread and crackers and whatnot but NO MILK and nothing too heavy. The sister has pasta and salad and this creme soup. I know, not Mexican at all haha. Well it was but in a weird way. ANYWAY. It was me and my companion and another companionship. We told the hermana that i couldn't eat these specific things and she brings back a huge plate of spaghetti with cheese all over it. The four of us look at each other and laugh. we are still waiting for the prayer so i haven't touched it yet so our plan is to hand over the cheese covered spaghetti to the hermana next to me. Well after this she come back and dumps a huge glob of sour creme on it haha. And we say the prayer and she is just waiting for us to eat. So I kind of go around eating and every time she leaves i have to pour my spaghetti into the soup bowl of the other hermanas. And they have to start eating as fast as they can because they don't have the spaghetti yet. And every time my plate was empty she brought more food for me. and just tons of it. all with dairy products. Whenever she comes into the room i pretend like I am eating something with my fork in my mouth. It is just outrageous haha. The hermanas ate double because she brought so much food for me. It was funny, trust me haha.

Thank you so much for the love everyone. I don't have a ton of time. I want you all to know that I am ok. It's not the easiest here but I do love it. I am trying to put the people before me. My companion is so funny. I taught her to say "I am down for the cause" which is my favorite English phrase haha. Sorry for not much this week. 

Know that all is well, i love you with all that I have and I hope that you are all healthy and happy!

Con todo mi corazon

Oh ps; this week two families told me my Spanish was way better than the first week I got here so I am stoked. :) miss you all!

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