Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week Fourrrrr

¡Buenas Tardes! 

Hey everyone! So we just finished up week four and are in the beginning of week five this week. I am so sorry about my email last week, it was short and not exciting. I also realized that my story probably wasn't that funny either.
Hermana Capener from Boston, MA
This has been a great week! Our first week we had a baptism for a younger girl and Saturday of this week her mother told us that she is ready to be baptized as well!! We have it set up for the 25th of this month! It's exciting because she is pretty much a member without the baptism!

Hermana Capeners companion,
 Hermana Ensenus from Vera Cruz, Mex
My companion,
Hermana Arroyo from Mor
elia, Mex
We had a conference in Cuernavaca on Friday with all of the missionaries that came in at the same time as I did. This include 6/7 girls that were in my awesome district in the mtc!! it was a great meeting and I loved seeing the girls but this will probably be the last time for a while. 
I have a few funny things happen. First, we went and visited an investigator and when we did  it was this old old woman that i had never met before. She was doing some yard work so when we entered she had a machete in her hand.... a HUGE machete.. and as we were walking into her house she started rambling on about something and waved this HUGE machete in our faces haha. It was scary, this little tiny old woman and this huge machete. We all just laughed about it. I also had another machete experience with a man. We started talking to a man who works in the sugar fields that we pass by to get to one of our investigators house. He got real heated about churches and was using his machete to put emphasis on certian things. It was funny, yet scary haha. Finally we talked to another man on the street who realized I was American and started talking to me about how in America we give injections to kill people there and that he didnt believe in it. But he showed up to church on sunday so that was nice haha. 

Gosh, I really do love it here. I love the ward that I am, the people are so kind. We had lunch with the bishops family Monday and they bought a coconut for me to drink because they said it helps with the stomach and prepared a special healthy meal for me. It was really kind. Today, another member took me and my companion, and another companionship to this HUGE old hacienda. We walked around for a while. They use it for Day of the Dead here. There were fake bodies in all of these dark scary spots. We got scared by bats. I wasn't a huge fan of the scary stuff as most of you know but it was really fun and absolutely gorgeous!
We usually spend Mondays with this companionship because they have to come to Cuautla for our district meetings Monday nights and because my companion and one of the other girls in the other companionship are really good friends. Which works out for me because the other sister is one of the girls from my district in the MTC :) The people are kind and my companion is really patient with me and trying to learn the language. I feel bad because I do not know how to teach her English! 
Add our new roommate stewart who
really enjoys the shower...
I truly know that this is the Lord's work and that we (missionaries) are only tools for him. I am grateful for this experience and for all of the people I have met here. I am also grateful for all of you! You continue to send me so so much love!! It's great! I miss you all and love you all! 

This is just the life in mexico...
crazy baby dolls tied to things

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