Wednesday, June 25, 2014

¡Vamos Mexico!

Hi Everyone!! 

So, for shout outs this week.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, inspirational and beautiful mother this upcoming Saturday! i love you so so much!!

All my love to you guys... It was hot and I was sweating so sorry
that I look like I haven't showered in six days hahaha I promise
 I have. Oh, and our water is out again... hahaha Love you guys!
This last week was quite interesting! We had to go to the mission home suddenly on Thursday afternoon and were in the city of Cuernavaca (where this mission home is) for the majority of the day Friday. We didn't get home until 10 on Friday night. The drive to Cuernavaca from Acapulco is about 4 hours IF there isn't traffic. The trip back to Acapulco on Saturday night took 5.5 hours because of traffic. We weren't in our area for pretty much two days. My companion needed to meet with our mission president on Friday morning for personal reasons. Please keep her in your prayers. Also, I needed to work on some things for my green card so it worked out for the best. We are probably going to have to return this week or the next so that I can actually get my card. I just hope that they give us more advanced notice so that we don't plan important appointments for that day. There is a lot of work to do here in Acapulco!

Thursday was my companion's birthday! Luckily we didn't have to leave too early because I planned a little surprise for her! I planned to have us eat with a family that she gets along with really well (she can be picky with people sometimes haha). I also gave them some money to buy a cake! I made her a card which turned out extremely well actually and I am pretty sure it was only by the Spirit of the Lord haha. This I did not plan, but the father of the family asked her to give the blessing on the food and as she did he got out her cake and when she finished the prayer it was right in front of her and everyone started singing... well i didn't because I still don't know the song they sing here yet haha. She was very surprised and it really made her day! She loved it! I know it helped her with some stuff that she is struggling with!

This would be the card that I made for my companion.
 It's me and her.... she always wants me to carry her
haha and I didn't draw our faces because
 I didn't want to ruin it hahaha
Well, we didn't quite have the turnout at church this week but we have some excellent people that we are teaching! Tammy is continuing to read and prayer. She is so earnest in seeking and finding an answer about the gospel. She is incredible! We have a couple appointments with her and her husband this week. We have some great plans to help her! 

This last week was kind of difficult for a variety of reasons but everyday was excellent! It's crazy to see that there were difficult times and yet never have had a "bad day." We are really look forward to this week and working very hard to find people who even though they might not think it, are ready to remember the plan of love that God prepared for us since the beginning.

FAMILY! I am working on getting my family tree together! Our mission president has asked us to do this so if you could pretty please send me all of the information about our family that you have I would really appreciate it!

MOM, please cut this paragraph out when you put it in my blog.

I love you guys so much and miss you all like crazy! Thank you for all of the constant love and support!

PS: In the spirit of the world cup ¡Vamos Mexico!

PSS: I love all of Enrique Iglesia's songs in Spanish. They are played in every taxi in Acapulco... hahah :)

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