Wednesday, August 13, 2014


YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! This week I got all of your packages and letters!! It was so excellent! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! You are all my family! A big thanks to: My Dad, Leslie Hutchens, Aidan & Ethan Anderson, Erik Soukup, and my girls Marisha, Michelle, and Sam!!! All of the elders in our zone were jealous of all the mail I had this week haha 
Also birthday shout outs to Mama Hutch and Manta!!!! Happy birthday ladies! I love you girls so much and I am sure that you will just have so much fun!!! 

This has been such a great! I love my companion so much! She is so fun and we are always laughing! She truly teaches me to see the good in everything! We are working so hard here in Acapulco! I love this area and we are continuing to see so many miracles! The best part of everything is that our ward is really changing and really getting into the missionary work! With the help of them, Hermana Lopez and I were able to have 8 investigators in church yesterday! They all stayed for all three hours as well! We are working so incredibly hard and are seeing the fruits of our labors! We have also been blessed to find some members who haven't come to church in a very long time! Some for more than 7 years! It's really funyn actaully, they are really finding us! We have had some great experiences with them and they are really beginning to remember the joy that God and this gospel bring. 

I don´t have a ton of time to write and I don't have the ability to send pictures this week... sorrry. BUT I just want to say that I LOVE THE MISSION! I have been suffering from some illnesses lately but I will be seeing a doctor today to figure it out. Mom and dad, don't freak out. Sorry I forgot to tell you guys in your emails haha. I have just had some crazy rashes and side effects. But even though all of this stuff is happening I have really began to see that I have family "en todos lados." I truly am seeing how we are all connected and how we are never really alone. Christ and this gospel bring us together again. The only thing that seperates us is when we are absorbed in the vain things of this world and think that we have differences. It doesn't matter where you are, what language you speak, what color your skin is, you can find love and happiness in every person. In my farewell talk I wrote something that I recently remembered. I wrote "bind yourself to people because I think that in the end we were bound together all along anyway." I don't think I realized the magnitude of what I said then but I am truly realizing it now. 

I love you guys so so much. Thank you for being so supportive and loving.

Con todo mi corazon,

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