Friday, August 8, 2014

Vamos Costa Azul!!!

Buenos Tardes Familia!

Wow, another week has flown by! I feel like I was just writing this email to you all. It's crazy! Wellllll I have really been awful with my shoutouts BUT for this last month of July I also offer birthday shout outs toooooo: Aunt Jodi, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Leslie, and Robbie Hopkins!! Happy birthdays of July and I am so sorry for forgetting! I love you guys and I am sure that all of your special days were super fun :) And for this week I have a shoutout for Ali Fowler!!!! Happy birthday pretty lady!!!! Have such a great week! Also shoutout to Holly Hutchens and Chris Ensign who are getting married this week! Have so much fun on your special day! I love you all so so so much!!
This would be my companion, Hermana Lopez, 
and I just outside our church in the 
Colonia Costa Azul in the city of Acapulco! 
The church is located in front of this 
cool hotel named Castillo Azul!
Our feet as well :)
Well, this week was crazy! We were seriously blessed in so many little ways! The Lord has been so incredibly merciful with me and Hermana Lopez this week! There were some tough times, Anna and Matthew told us that they were going to get divorced and then they weren't and then they were until finally now they are really trying to apply to the gospel in their lives and plan to stay together. Matthew came to church yesterday. He is really pumped for his baptism and their son Richard also now plans to get baptized with them! Their whole family!! We are so stoked! We worked really hard this week but we didn't see some of the results that we wanted. We have really learned though that even though the results don't always turn out the spiritual experiences that you have, the people you meet, and the memories that you have are really what makes the mission worth while. I truly love Hermana Lopez. She is so sweet and even though I know that I have so many faults she treats me as if I am flawless. I admire that a lot about her. I am so grateful for her example and for all of the fun times we have had. I am truly learning that really all of us have a deeper spiritual connection. I am learning about this connection so much with my companion, our investigators, neighbors, members, other missionaries, and just seriously random people in the street. We have an inserperable bond between all of us be cause truly we are all one big family. It is so hard to find these bonds sometimes but they are there. I have learned to focus more on trying to find the bond between me and all of the people that I meet and it helps me to learn to love them better. 

I LOVE THE MISSION YOU GUYS!! I literally found myself thinking "I never want to leave" the other day. It is such a special time. I am even seeing with friends how it is shaping and changing their lives by being missionaries. It is so so so incredible. I know that I am where I am supposed to be. I know that the gospel that I teach and testify of everyday truly is the plan of God and the message the He has for the world. I am grateful to have been rescued by such wonderful and dear friends at Idaho State and I am even more grateful be able to help people here. 

I love you all so so much. I miss you all always.
Don't worry, in one year from this day I will be home...
but until then....


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