Monday, August 25, 2014

Push and Pull

Hello everyone!

I just love Mexico! And all the people in it!
Oh how much I love each and every one of you! Your emails are so so so sweet and supportive and I am just so incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful family back in Reno, Idaho and Utah.... and other countries as well! Just know that I am giving each and every one of you a huge hug :)

Well, another week had flown by! Literally, I really can't believe that I am writing this group email again! It was a crazy week full of activites and a ton of hurricane weather!! Our church is about 30 minutes from where we live so we normally have to leave an hour early in case there is traffic to get there on time. This past week we had to travel to the church everday since Sunday all the way to today for activities such as: cleaning the church, a conference for the missionaries in our area, weekly meetings, a Noche de Talentos (Talent show), an activity for the kiddos which we participated in, baptisms, church again yesterday and today we played volleyball and futbol with some members. BUT I LOVE IT. It makes us work even harder with the limited time we had/have.
We did a skit for a conference that we had. this is our
mission president with one of the missionaries that
 shares teh ward with us... he was a mouse.. These are also
some other missionaries in our area that
were mice... and a tree haha


On Friday night we had our Noche de Talentos. It was raining
ridiculously hard so we postponed it for an hour. We didn't have
 the amount of people that we were hoping for as a result of the
hurricane-ish weather. (no jokes) BUT it was super fun.

These are the missionaries that serve in the same ward
as us and literally are the best ever! As well as me and
my companion hahaha! The Noche de Talentos ended
up ending relatively late so we all had to get rides
home from a member. That would be the explanation f
or the last picture. Mexicans actually
fill up their cars like this in Mexico!
We were a little frustrated yesterday because we have been working super hard and we felt like we didn't see some changes in people that we wanted to see. It's hard to see people know what we are saying but not understand it because they choose not to apply it or act on it. Every week, between lessons with members, investigators and members that are less active, we teach about 90-100 leassonsbut we just weren't seeing the results... BUT we have THE BEST missionaries in the same ward with us. They are also our zone leaders. They support us and help us so much. We have a really tight knit group of missionaries and every single one contributes something special. We are all just working very hard and yesterday my companion and I finally saw some results! 
We did a skit and we pretended to be each other.
The elder with the crazy hair (elder Gonzalez) played me and the elder with the glasses (elder Mendez) played my companion, Hermana Lopez. It was super funny.

I talked about Anna and Matthew a few weeks ago and their son Richard, wellllllllll Matthew and Richard will be getting baptized this Sunday!!! Anna is workingon giving up coffee. She has a very strong addiction to it so we are working on that with her! We hope that with the baptism of Matthew and Richard, she will be even more motivated. Please keep them in your prayers! 
And finally, please meet Margerie! This would be a future
 missionary in the US! She is the sweetest! Whenever we eat with
this family she comes out in her skirts and dresses
with her little name tag that she has but this day she couldn't
find it so stole mine! I hope these pictures are
enough to make up for the last few weeks that I have faulted. I
 also hope they give you an idea that the mission is the best! I promise we actually work! :)

It has been a crazy week. A lot of pushing and pulling. We have felt crazy but really we are amazed at the way the Lord chooses to communicate with us. We are so grateful for all of the experiences that we have had and the miracles that we see DAILY. Something that we have really learned is this: We might not be able to change the whole world but we sure can love it. And really, that's all the world really needs.

Love you ALL so much! And thank you!

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