Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Typhoid and Stake Conference Talks

Well, I blew that cat out of the bag but sadly it is true, I have typhoid.. yay. haha More than a week ago, on Friday the 7th of November I woke up in the middle of the night like at 1:30 and was freezing cold and had the worst desires to vomit. I went to the bathroom thinking that I was going to vomit but I didn't so I tried to make myself vomit BECAUSE I would rather sit and vomit than feel like I am going to. It's like my biggest pet peeve when I feel like I am going to vomit but it never comes up... ok enough about that haha but yea. I didn't so I went back to bed and woke up Friday morning with so much pain in my whole body. Every muscle was hurting but it felt like it was almost in my bones. I had been hot and cold all night so I checked my temp and I never had more than 37.8 Celsius which is like 100 degrees F. So the instructions we have only say to stay in in we have more than 38 C.... So I took some stuff called paracetamol and left to work haha. I was taking this every 6 hours to help with the minor fever and body aches. It really didn't help haha. 

I felt so incredibly awful We went to a meeting where our ward mission leader told me "wow you look awful, and pale. what happened?" I didn't know I was pale until then haha. Saturday was the same and it was rainy and cold at night time but we had the baptism so I just did everything I could to get through it. (That included a lot of makeup so I didn't look so pale haha) and it wasn't that hard because I was just so happy for Rosie! Sunday it got worse though and we ended up going home an hour early. On Monday we did nothing so that I could rest. I basically slept that whole day. When we got up to write you guys I was feeling better but when we did this I also had to start getting ready to leave and work and whatnot and I started feel super bad and lightheaded and body achy again so I finally called the mission president's wife. She got mad because she said I should have stayed in on Friday if I knew I had the flu so we didn't leave to work Monday. On Tuesday we had a zone conference in the morning with all of the other missionaries in this area so we went and it was awful. I felt really bad so after we went and ate and then we went home. Wednesday we tried to leave, we went to one appointment that was super successful buttttt I felt awful again and so we went to a member's house who lived by. I stayed with the members there and my comp left to work. 

I was suffering from the same stuff this whole time. But it would be weird because sometimes my upper body would hurt more than my lower and later my lower body and it just switched off and on like that. Finally the members made me call the mission president's wife again. (I found out this week that I am really stubborn and don't like to stay in the house.) She sent us to the hospital and it came positive for Typhoid. Yes, I got the vaccine. No, I do not know why I paid 50 bucks for it if it wasn't going to work at all haha. I was advised to stay in the house for another 2 days. So Thursday and Friday of this last week I was in the house the whole day. Some members stayed with me so that I could rest and my comp worked but we found out that she still has not gotten used to the area because she got lost and couldn't find streets and lost a lot of time and a lot of appointments. When she came home on Thursday night she also informed me that the stake president called her and told her that I was "invited" to give a talk in stake conference on Saturday night. Sooo I spent most of my day Friday preparing that talk. 

We left Saturday but I still felt pretty bad but I woke up yesterday and felt a lot better. I woke up today sore again in my body and I am still have a lot of headaches but on the way up right?! I am taking my medicine and all sooo yea. So I spent a lot of time last week in the house. It was really boring but I read a lot and I hope to never ever get sick again. I know it sounds like my "symptoms" are really up and down but that's what they told me that happens. It's just wonderful haha. 

On the other hand, we have transfers next Monday so we will see what will happen. Things have been crazy here with all that is going on. We have about 200 missionaries and about 175 of them are now all in one state instead of two. We are just pushing along though! But since it's the last monday of this transfer we have to clean our house really good and send in pictures. Well, turns out that Kim isn't really sure of how to use soap in powder form to clean the floors here in Mexico. But that's ok, it was funny and we got a great picture out of it!

Sorry that this email isn't so full of spiritual experiences but the most spiritual experiences I had this last week were in my dreams haha.

I love you guys so much! Thank you for everythingggg!!
Also, today marks 8 full months that I have been living in Mexico! SAY WHAAAAAT?!
Oh yea, and I cut my hair today.


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