Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dia de Los Muertos


You guys I can hardly remember what happened the past week! It just literally flies by BUT I have birthday shoutouuuuuts! Sooooo Happy Birthday to the best imitator of Velocipedes (I am sure that I spelt that wrong) EVER Ben Anderson! Keep the Dinosaur Club ALIVE & KICKIN! And to my bestestest friend ever Kelsie Colombini!
These are some of the kids of the Lozada family. They are
members of the church that are a huge support for us
and their kids are BEAUTIFUL! The fathers of these kids are
twins and are excellent church leaders!
You are SO OLD! But don't worry because I will be SO OLD next month too! And it's all ok because we still act like we are 5 years old anyway! I love you guys! 

This week started the famous "Dia de Los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" here in Mexico. I remember learning about it in my high school Spanish classes but to be able to actually experience it is UNREAL. It is such a beautiful tradition! People who have lost loved ones set up alters with food and candles and incense and pictures and all sorts of them. Then they has flower petals leading from the outside of the houses to the alters for the loved ones who have passed. Our chapel is on the same street as the graveyard so Sunday when we left church we saw like HUNDREDS on people in the graveyards
celebrating with their family! Both dead and alive! It is a really beautiful tradition! The people who live below us have a little alter dedicated to a little baby girl but other have huge, but I mean HUGE alters! It has been really great! And we are eating alot of pumpkin for dessert! Yum!!
This is a picture of the alter that our
neighbors that live below us have. 

Hermana Ruiz and I have been trying to work super hard. It's been a bit difficult because although she has 6 months in the mission she does not feel comfortable with the work. We have been having to practice a ton, I do basically all of the paperwork and planning. I feel like I am retraining her. We have been a bit stressed because we are not having the results we want BUT I also have a lot of hope because every trial has a rhyme and reason and I have been praying that the Lord will help me understand the reasons for these trials. 

One of our miracles is named Josue. This young man is a "wayward" brother of a recent covert in our ward named Max. Three weeks ago Max left for the mission! Josue has attend church off and on for about a year and we are now teaching him. He literally loves to learn this stuff. The first time I met him was about 1 month ago and he seemed so very quiet and serious, he felt guilty listening to the gospel because he has been in some pretty bad thing But NOW, there are no words to describe it. He is a new person. He told us yesterday that he really looking forward for a clean slate through baptism
Picture is of the flower petals that some houses
leave outside leading to their altars.
and wants it to be a surprise for his family. He truly has a light about him and his whole countenance has changed!

You guys. I love the mission. I can't even express it. It is the best learning experience ever and I love working with the people. This week I will be completing HALF of my mission. I have been a missionary for 9 months on the 5th of this week!! HALF. whoa. where has the time gone? I have been thinking about extending my mission service for another month and a half. I will have to receive permission from my mission president first, so we will see. 

Thank you guys for everything! You guys are the best!

Con amor,
Finally, me and my comp Hermana Ruiz from Durango, Mex. 

Picture is of the four of us today eating pizza!
We share the ward that we work in!

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