Thursday, November 13, 2014

We Stand for Game Point

I HAVE TO GIVE THE BIGGEST SHOUTOUT EVER TO MY FAVORITE VOLLEYBALL TEAM EVER!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ISU VOLLEYBALL TEAM FOR BEING THE REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS!!!!! I am soooo stoked for you girls, you have worked SO SO SO hard for a long time to earn this! You girls ARE THE BEST! Now get that W as CONFERENCE CHAMPS AGAINNNNN!!! AND THEN KICK BUM IN NCAA PLAYOFFS AND JUST DO ITTTT!  I was totally already repping you girls today as you will see in the picture that I will upload! AND JUST USE THE FIREEEE (hahahahahahaha I know some of you might not get that last part but it's embarrassing and I am not willing to share about it haha) SO YEA :)   Wow, that's a big shout out but well deserved! I love my Bengal girls!

 Anyway haha we also had a "big win" here in Mexico. I shared with you guys about one of our investigators Rosie, a 17 year old girl who is a rock star. Well as a review, Rosie is a rock star haha. Since the say we started teaching her she has been strengthening her relationship with God with full force. Her parents are divorced and when it came time for her to get baptized she had permission from here dad (who was willing to sign the baptism form) but not here mom. As we talked to her she made it very clear to us that she knew that this Gospel was real. She had the desire to make her first covenant with God through baptism but was afraid of her mom. Her mom said that she could do whatever she wanted but did not support it and would not sign the form. She waited for three more weeks. She even told us that she knew that she was avoiding an answer from God. We were never upset but we just tried to help her understand that it is important that we do what God asks us to do despite the adversity that may come. We fasted with her. then she again fasted on fast Sunday and gave a very large and beautiful testimony. She had two interviews with two different elders and both of them came out had been crying for the spiritual experience that she had with her. She has expressed to us the spiritual experiences that she is having through her scripture study in the Book of Mormon. The majority of these experiences are experiences that I am currently having in the mission. She is just a super star. Well in our weekly planning about a week and a half ago we knelt down to

pray in what we could do to help her to do the right thing in the sight of God. We cam up with a kind of "PS I love you" idea. For about 8 days leading up to a potential baptismal date we and other elders and sisters in our district chose our favorite scriptures about courage and choosing to do what God asks and things like that from the Book of Mormon and the Bible. We were given such excellent scriptures. The instructions were that she would read the envelops of scriptures that corresponded with these specific days every day and pray in regards to them and for the
 faith and courage to the right thing. As these days went on Rosie's testimony grew and grew. Finally, Saturday night, she came to church ready to be baptized. It was incredibly spiritual and in the end she gave her testimony.

Also, something so great happened yesterday. There are a few very difficult things that are going on in our ward. We are very close to the family of the second counselor in our ward. He is basically our bishop right now because we don't have a bishop and because our first counselor's wife is pregnant is basically never around. He expressed to me in about my third week here that he has not fasted truly since his mission, almost 10 years ago. Since I heard this I began to uhhhh kindly force him strengthen himself to do it. Finally, this last fast Sunday he did it and gave a very strong testimony. Yesterday he expressed to me his gratefulness for the work we have been doing in this ward and to me specifically for the way that I worked with him in every chance that I had to get him to fast. For the things that have been going on in our ward, the fasts he has been able to do have
been a huge source of strength for him. He expressed to us that we have truly brought converts to Christ into our ward, 5 very strong people and lovers of the word of Christ. I teared up because I felt very humbled. I have felt very guided in my time here in this ward. I feel like I have been tried in so many different ways since I have come here and that because I have tried to stay as true to Him as possible, He has blessed us with people who really are converted to Him. These people, the missionaries, the members, the investigators, have been the biggest blessings in my life. I am constantly humbled and inspired by their desires to be more Christ like and to understand this gospel. They are even leaving to go out visiting people with us and are an extra special spirit in our lessons. 

I am so grateful to be here. I am grateful to know the people that I know and to have had so many difficult but rewarding experiences. There is no other better work in this world that the work of helping people to come unto Christ.

I love you all so much, thank you for everything.

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