Wednesday, February 18, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER HUNTER HUTCHENS!!! Enjoy your last birthday in Australia for a long time :) haha

Well last week we had transfers early. Usually they would have been today but we have a mission tour happening this week so our mission president did them early. I have gotten transferred.... But don't worry it wasn't the big of a transfer hha. As I mentioned, there were 3 companionships (6 sister missionaries) in this ward but since this transfer they pulled out a companionship and now there are only 2 companionships or 4 sister missionaries. They didn't make any big changes, all that were here stayed. The big change that happened is that we were moved to the other half of our ward boundaries. Sooo we are in a new area but in the same ward. We have all new investigators. We have a family of 3 women, a mother and her two daughters, another family with the same situation of three women, a girl of 26 years named Cristal who will be getting baptized te 28 of february, a older gentleman named Jesus who we are planning for the 7 or march and there a quite a few more. There is a lot of work in this area which I am really happy about BUT our new area is so much bigger than our last so we are trying to not get too lost. 

This last week was full of just a lot of patience because we didn't move into our new house until today. We were travelling a very long distance everyday. It was 30 minutes to get to our area. We have to take buses. However, we are finally all settled in so we will be working a ton....but still not this week haha. Because of our mission tour thing we will be spending two full days in meetings. Then stake conference in this weekend so we will be there a lot as well. It's quite interesting our next week but we will do all that we can.

I feel like this email sounds weird and I just want to make it clear that I think I am sick again. I have been having stomache problems again and I am not sure why. I have to start tomorrow morning not eating to see if I can calm my stomache down so we will see what happens. 

I am so sorry you guys but I haven't been taking as many pictures as I would like because it is a rule that we aren't allowed to carry our cameras around anymore. Our mission president doesn't want us to look like tourists or trouble makers with the circumstances of Mexico right now. We are only allowed to take them with us for special events. We are having a family home evening tonight with a family in our ward so I will be taking my camera to take a picture with their huge dog named Penelope... oh and the family too! hahaha

Love you guys so much! Miss you all!

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