Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Facts about serving a mission in Mexico

Today we went to a members house and ate tacos! (with la coka) 

I have shoutouuuuutttsss :)) You can all just imagine my face when I say that...haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cutie cousin Gracie, the beautiful and awesomeee Jaclyn Anderson, and the bestttttt not really my uncle but I still call him uncle, Uncle Glen!!! I love you guys so much!!! I hope you all had a very wonderful birthdays!!

So this week, I don't have a ton of time but I thought I would just write some facts about being an LDS missionary in Mexico!

1. If you talked in your sleep before the mission, you still talk in your sleep in the mission... but now it's in Spanish, really loud, teaching the missionary lessons, and your grammar is better than when you are awake. (my poor companions...haha)
2. You are ALWAYS dirty because even the water you take a shower with is dirty haha.
3. If you put on makeup in the morning, at night time it's already been washed off with you sweat. Gross, I know.
4. You can't buy big packets of oreos like in the US. The big boxes come with only 6 bags of 6. 
5. You eat A LOT of chicken.
6. You never eat a taco of any sort without at least one glass of Coke.
7. If you're a white female, daily you are called "guerra" (white girl) in this really creepy voice.
we had arroz con leche afterwards!
 so gooooood!! (rice with milk)
8. You will go through more than 3 pairs of shoes from walking so much. (I am about to buy my 6th pair.)
9. You now know the words to the same 3 Latin American songs, "hablame de tiiii," "solo quiero darte un beso..." "no me quedo nada masss"
10. and the 10th fact, you have never, ever, in your life loved and appreciated Mexicans and their beautiful and inspiring culture.

I love this country and its people. I love the culture. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that He has allowed me to come here and grow so much. I feel so blessed. Only 5 shorts months left. Believe me when I am saying that I am giving every ounce of me that I have in each day to serve. I know that it's worth it.

Love you all,  Hermanaut

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