Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Found It

Hi everyone!

I hope your week was super good! So the title is "I found it!" because I found it! I found the birthday list and GUESS WHAT! I am all caught up and as far as this list that I have goes, I don't know anyone with a birthday in April! And if I do know someone who has a birthday in April and you are not on this list I AM SO SORRY. Just have patience with this sister missionary who hardly knows what day it is.
Anyway, there's not a ton to update you guys on. We had a really great week! Sister Canaan and I are seeing so many miracles! I think one of the biggest miracles that we have seen is with a less active family that we are working with. The Trujillo family consists of Alejandra (the mom), Mariana, Alondra (her daughters), the daughter of Mariana, Fernanda, and Karina who is a friend of Alondra that lives there right now. We found the Truillo family a few weeks ago and have been visiting them regularily.  During one of our visits we met Karina who is not a member and we starting teaching her the missionary lessons. During the process of teaching Karina, the rest of the girls started making HUGE process! All
three of them (Alejandra, Mariana and Alondra and not Fer because she's young) have been reading and praying so much more. Alejandra went to church to see conference two weeks ago and all of them came to church yesterday. Their progress has been slow but so very beautiful in these last few weeks. Alondra is going to acompany us to do visits this week. They have commented to us that they are all making changes in their lives and even have started to stop doing things that are not in line with the gospel. One thing that Alejandra needs to do is get married to the man that she is living with. They have all that they need to do it, it's just a matter of us helping them in the process. It was so wonderful to see them all there and I look forward to keep working with them. We didn't have a lot of investigators in church this week but we had 10 less actives come to church. All 10 assisted sacrament meeting, 6 assited Sunday school, and 5 stayed until the last hour. I am so grateful to see these people and families come unto Christ newly. It's been such a blessing.
Our area here is super big. There are parts that I haven't even visited so we have planned to go to these parts this week to know more people. We went to one part yesterday and were able to set up 4 appointments to visit people who live in this part of our area this week. We just keep trucking along and we just don't give up. I really love Sister Canaan. We work really well together and I feel the Spirit so much in everything that we do. Although we laugh a ton, there always seems to be a reverence within us that I enjoy very much.

I am seriously going to miss the mangoes here. You can
find them anywhere. And this is how you eat a mango correctly!
This work is so beautiful. I seriously love it so so much. I commented to someone today that I really dread the question "how much time do you have left in your mission?". Before it wasn't so bad but now I hate seeing the reactions that I only have 3 and a half
more months left. I can't even believe it. I try not to think about it but I do keep it in my heart so that it is a reminder to do all that I can everyday. It's very possible that I could end my mission here. I would love that, but we will see. Also, I guess I haven't told you guys but my mission president and his wife end their missions in 2 months. They will be going home one transfer before me. On Wednesday I will have my last interview with President Kusch. I am really bummed that he and his wife will be leaving one transfer before me. I am thinking about asking them if they want to extend their mission so that they can end with my generation ahaha. Our new mission president is named Brother Avila. He is from Mexico and doesn't speak english. That will be cool to have an interview with him haha. 
I thought I would show you guys what sister missionary
shoes looks like after a month and a half when
you apparently walk horribly.

Anyway, that's all that I have for you guys this week. I love you all so very much. I look forward to coming home soon but I also know that I still need to work. Please know that I am working so very hard everyday to do all that the Lord asks of me. I am by no means perfect but I would like to quote something that I heard in the Meet the Mormons movie. It goes something along the lines of this: "I am not close to perfection. But in one thing I am perfect, trying." I do all that I can everyday to please my Father in Heaven so that He will bless you all. Success in numbers is not what I look for. I work to be even a little bit worthy of the miracles that I see in this work and the blessings that you all deserve. God and all of you have given me so much and I am giving this year and a half for all that He and all of you have done for me. It's a very small offering in comparison, but right now it's all I have.
I love you all and miss you all.
Nos vemos muy pronto.


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