Monday, April 13, 2015

What to say?

Hey everyone!

Honestly, don't hate me, but I lost my birthday list again so if I have missed your birthday pleeeese forgive me! I do have a shout out though! I want to throw a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to one of my longest and most faithful friends, Kristin Katich who is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess you're Kristin Sumbot now, well have been for a while but whatever! I am just so stoked!!! Although she isn't my first friend to have a baby, she is my first friend from before high school to be pregnant and I feel so blessed that I will be home before he/she arrives!! You all know that I was openly crying here in the cyber cafe when I saw the picture of those little feet! AHHHH!!

Ok, I am calm now haha. Well it was a good week. Sister Cana├ín and I get along ridiculously well and we just have really good harmony. I feel super blessed to have her as a companion right now. I truthfully feel like she is the answer to some of my secret prayers. I have been waiting for a while to have a companion with whom I just click with. I hope it won't be a short time. We just laugh a lot. I can see my errors though. I feel like I have been so used to other things that I react within so I am truthfully trying to get rid of some bad habits that I have and just enjoy it. 

We were super stoked for conference and Easter weekend but at about 1:20 Saturday morning my companion woke up with a really high fever of 38.5 C. She was super sick and her fever was off and on for all of Saturday. When we have fevers or are really sick we can't leave the house soooo we were in teh house all day Saturday and all day Sunday. It was ok though. She rested a lot which is what she needed. We did some shinanigans. We ate A LOT of tamales. Last night, I also taught her how to play rummy. I am a really good teacher and I think I taught her too much because she actually gives me a run for my money. We are going to try and play at least a few times every week and keep a count and then in the last week of the transfer we will do something. I don't know haha.

Shenanigan 1
I have been feeling really pressured lately and I have come to understand that I am really hard on myself. I completed 14 months in the mission yesterday. My companion did a countdown for me and I only have 119 days left in the mission. It kind of stresses me out. I don't want to lose a single minute and I don't want to lose a single blessing that is open for my family and friends. I feel like it's game 5 and me and the other team are rallying back and forth to get two points up on the others. It's just a lot of pressure. I come home at night overviewing the day and I feel myself judging myself on whether I gave everything or not. Sometimes I am not very nice to myself and that's what I am trying to change. I am just so very hard on myself and I can't decide when I am being too hard on myself or just right. I pray every night that the Lord will help me.

Shenanigan 2. SUPER BED. We may or may not regret this.
 I will let you guys know next week.
I love the mission so much. It has been the most beautiful time in my life. Some people might call these 14 months that I have dedicated a waste of time in a crazy church but I am 100% sure that this is the best thing that anyone can do in anytime in their life ESPECIALLY with THIS gospel because it is the truth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and as Joseph Smith declares in the introduction of the same book, "a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book." I know that this statement is true because I have experimented it. I feel blessed because the Lord saved me from a very dark pit almost 3 years ago. I also know the Jesus Christ died and rised for us. I know that He lives today and if we rely on the power of His life, we also can be risen from the spiritual pits that we find ourselves in. I also know that the Lord blesses us unfailingly for obedience because we love Him. I promised the Lord about 2 years ago when I recieved my mission call that I would serve Him for this time with all that I had and have and daily I try to live up to that promise. And although I am so imperfect, He has allowed me to experience and see, and feel and learn things that I couldn't have learned in any other place in any other time. I surely hope that I have given all that I can to pay Him back for what He has done for me, but if not, I will keep serving Him even after the day when i don't have this name tag on my chest.

I love you all and I invite you all to come unto Christ and be saved.


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