Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Once in a lifetime opportunity

HI everyone!!!!
I have SHOUTOUTS!! Wooooohooooo! I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful hermanito Chris who will be turning 23 tomorrrrrow! You are so old!!! And happy birthday to my pretty much uncle in my eyes TROY! YOU are old!!! haha Love you guys both so very much!
Well, this last week was 100% interesting. I feel like training a new missionary has never been and never will be a learning opportunity for the trainee. I feel like it has been an opportunity for growth for me. I had been praying for a lot of things before I was asked to train and I feel like this assignment was the answer to them. I am being faced with a lot of things but I am so grateful for everything that I have learned. Sister Campos is great. I feel like she is not quite used to the physical demands that are on us here. We have an unreal amount of hills and it's hot right now. I guess Peru is pretty cold. But she's a trooper. I try to treat her as an equal. I want her to be able to just work and not thing, "I am so new." I know, personally, that that is not the way to start out the mission.
We had a family come to church yesterday. This was the 3rd time the dad came and the 2nd time as a whole family. We had a lesson with them Friday and told them at 9:30 they HAD to do a kneeling prayer as a family. When we saw them Saturday the mom was just glowing. It was the first thing she told us about. She said it went so well and loved it. She bought a new dress to come to church in yesterday. This family has been a miracle. We had dropped them for about 4 weeks when hermana Canaan was here but one night I had the impression to call the dad to invite him and his family to church and they all came! It was a miracle! Since then they have been progressing. The mom was so resistant. She did not want ANYTHING from us but SHE HAS CHANGED. She smiles more, laughs more. She told us Friday that she doesn't read well so that's why she hadn't read much of the Book of Mormon so we told her that if she wanted we or a member would come to read it with her. She said yes but not too excited. But yesterday the theme of Relief Society was "Flood the World with the Book of Mormon." It ended up pretty much being a testimony meeting all about the Book of Mormon and afterwards she was so pumped about reading it. Coincidence? I think not! I just absolutely love seeing how the gospel brings families together. Christ should always be the foundation of the home and if it is, although there may be storms, the family will always be strong on THAT foundation.
We had our last multi-zone conference with our mission president and his wife on Friday. It was so excellent. It was sad as well. I love them very much and I know that they will always be a part of my life....because they live in Rexburg...where I will be going to school in September... haha. But really, they are great. A lot of missionaries were crying because it was the last time that they would see them. I am lucky to say that I saw them yesterday and will see them one more time for more training with sister Campos. SUERTEEEE.

I wrote once in a lifetime opportunities because two AWESOME things happened this week. One of them was that yesterday, we were able to have a lesson with our mission president and his wife in the chapel. We invited them so that they could know and motivate one of the kids that we are motivating to serve a mission. It was so excellent. I feel so blessed for the opportunity. The other thing was that Saturday night we were heading home from a few lessons. We had a member with us named Cheli. Her grandma’s house was on the way so we planned to drop her off there. This is the same grandma who showed up to church two weeks ago. Well we went in to say hi to them and Cheli's grandma, her husband and her mom had real life Mexican music just BLASTING and her grandma and mom were dancing in the backyard. I just loved it. I was just engulfed with Mexican culture. And to top it off, the grandma came and pulled me to dance with her. I just had to. We danced for like 2 minutes and it was just... unreal. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was dancing like a Mexican, to Mexican music in Mexico. It actually brings tears to my eyes because it's just a reminder of how much I love this place and these people. I will miss it so much. Although it isn't an easy life here, it's been so enriching for me. I have learned things and seen things that have made me grow. I know that we are all children of God because I feel Him when I talk with others. I feel spirits that recognize the bond that we have because we are spiritual beings in a physical world. I feel love overflowing in me when I talk to them. I feel love even when we are rejected. The kind of love that says "you just don't understand what you are saying no to." I have such little time left in this place and I am just trying to soak every minute of it up.
I love you all so much!
See you soon!

77 days

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