Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just because I am going to be home in 7 weeks...

I am officially a "valiente!" Which pretty means that I am officially 
almost home! That's the list... haha  We took pictures at the mission home :)

DOES NOT MEAN that everyone STOPS writing me. I need you guys still, ok? Haha! I am not mad... but I am being honest that I still need your support until the very last week! 

You guys, I am so sorry that I forgot my birthday list this week again but I DO have shout outs for those that I remember.
1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND FATHER'S DAY to my amazing father. John Naut, you are such a wonderful man and I am so lucky and SO BLESSED to have you.
This is the last picture that I have with 
my mission president, President Kusch 
and his wife Sister Kusch. :( 
They leave for a week and we will be 
getting a new mission president 
for my last transfer.
2. HAPPY GRADUATION to my hermanito Chris Naut!!! He is graduating on Friday from welding school and I just feel so happy for him! He has gone through a lot but the Lord has been merciful and has helped him achieve this goal!
3. CONGRATULATIONS TO SAMANTHA HUTCHENS who is officially engaged and will be getting married in late August! I am sooo happy that I will be home to see such a special moment! 

I am sorry, I know that I have forgotten people. I promise that next week I will get on top of things.
This is the family that I mentioned last 
week about the husband that is less-active.
We have a dog... named Perry... well he's
 the bishop's dog...and we live
 next door to the bishop and 
share the same patio sooo it's our dog too
As my title mentions... 7 weeks. 6 p-days.... that's it. You guys. This has been the best year and a half of my life. I have learned so many things. This week was so much better. I feel better health and spiritual wise. I feel so up and down with my emotions recently but the Lord has been with me every step of the way. We are just seeing little miracles left and right. The Lord has blessed me with the perfect companion for my last 12 weeks in the mission. I love the way we work together. She works harder for me because I am ending my mission and I work harder for her because she is starting her mission.
A few of the members of my

 ward...they are awesome!
We had a baptism on Saturday. I totally forgot to tell you guys about a huge miracle that happened when we got the whole ward a few weeks ago. Remember that I mentioned to you guys about a lady named Mari? I found her with Sister Canales in February. Well, when we had transfers and we were taken out of that part of the ward the other missionaries and her just didn't get along that well. They weren't patient with each other. Mari fell into deep depression and the other sisters just kind of let her fall. Well when we got the whole ward we were able to visit her and see how she was. She had A CHANGE OF HEART. Mari had a hard time with the Book of Mormon. She said it made her stomach sick every time she read the word Mormon. Well a member let her borrow another book of the church called Gospel Principles. She began to read it and she was just looking for all of the errors. Then she got about halfway and realized that she didn't get anything out of it. She started to read it again, and read all of the references to scriptures that it gave and came to a better understanding of all that we teach. She finished the book and realized that she doesn't feel the way that she did towards the Book of Mormon. 

Last Monday we went to Centro where you 
find a lot of art and historical sites. 
The big building you guys see is called "Palacio de Cortez." 
When Cortez came to colonize the Americas he 
stayed in this place for a while... If I am right haha


She began to read it and came to and understanding that she had been doing everything that God asks us to do HER way instead of His way. She came to love the Book of Mormon and finally was baptized. She took is so seriously. After her baptism she just kept saying that it's a new start and that she just sees up. Her daughter was able to see the baptism and that was a great support for her. It was truly a miracle. Another miracle was that Sister Canales called last night to give us a reference and I was able to give her the great news. She was so happy because the way we found Mari and how things happened was just a miracle. 

Mari was baptized by Elder Smith from 
every part of the US possible. He and his 
companion are going home on Friday. 
Elder Smith is going to BYU Idaho in Fall as well. 
We aactually will have a Book of Mormon 
class together and Elder Holmstead is f
The baptism was wonderful :)

Things are good. I was to make a special request that all of you, my loved ones, in these last 6 Mondays just send me inspirational stuff. I don't want to be unfocused for any reason at all. I realize that I have to make a few decisions right now but that won't let me be unfocused. I feel so happy about my whole mission and I just want to live up these last 7 weeks. I can feel the Lord's love so much more in my life. I can feel that He is here with us and that He is helping us do some great work! I love this ward. I love where I am. I love the mission and I love the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. And I am grateful.

I was able to do divisions with a sister from my 
MTC district, Sister Corriveau from Illinois

I love you all soooo much!
See you sooooon!!!

49 days

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