Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Buenos Dias de Costa Azul!

Me and my companion Hermana Arroyo...
this is probably our last transfer together! :(
Hi everyone, thanks as always for showing me so much love and interest in my life here in Mexico! It has been an interesting and challenging week! For one, it has been unbbelievably hot and humid this week! We also had to do a number of things that are just mission business things that really kind of interfered with some of plans! But all is well! We had inteviews with our mission president on Thursday! He is a really great guy. He asked us to pick three things that we can be better at to share with him. It ended up being very spiritual and I am grateful for the things that I was able to learn.

The last time we would meet as a zone! These Elders are crazy!

At the eginning of this week we were searching for a house of a man that we had contacted the week before. We had an appointment with him and just couldn't find his house. This happens quite a bit here. The houses don't have numbers, the streets don't have names and even if they do the people legitimately don't know their address. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes. BUT as we were looking for them we saw a woman hanging up her clothes to dry afuera of her house. We began to ask her what number her house was, she signaled to us to wait and went inside to get someone. I immediately realized that she was deaf... my heart stopped with excitement! She came back with her brother-in-law and I explained that I know American Sign Language... I told him I wasn't sure if I would still be able to communicate with her but we tried and I actually understood a large portion of what she was telling me!! Although, she doesn't really use American Sign Language or Mexican Sign Language, it's a 
The American is Elder Neilsen of Californa, USA.
He is/was our zone leader! He is probably the
best missionary ever! He is finishing his mission
 this week and it is the tradition that everyone
in the zone cuts up the missionary's tie
 until the very top and then finally his last
companion cuts it all off!
mixture of Mexican sign language and her own signs that she has created with her family! It was so incredibly cool! We are actually teaching her family and when she had time she allows me to TRY and express the gospel to her! It was so awesome! 
Elder Morales of Vera Cruz, Mexico.
He was our district leader and is also terminating
his mission this week! Also, Elder Morales is jealous of my
height so we pretended that he was taller than me! haha
 Anna and Mattew came to church this Sunday with their two sons! They really loved it. We are having a Family Home Evening with them tomorrow! It's funny because at first, Anna was more set about everything and really motivated but Matthew has really stepped up and wants to know for himself if the things that we are teaching are true! they are reading and praying diligently! I am so excited for them!

I don't really have much to say this week. My spiritual thought though for the week is really more of a reminder. Family and friends, please remember that you are children of God. Your souls are more than just life that you recieved when you were born. Your souls come from a Heavenly Father. Your worth is very great and you have a divine potential that can not be described. He loves you so very much and He will not leave you in your struggles. As we give up our will to His, I promise that your lives will have more meaning that just waking up, eating, working, eating, and sleeping again. Your lives have so much worth and we can truly feel an infinit happiness when we allow our will to be in line with our Heavenly Father's.

I love you all so very much! thank you for your love and support always!
We have transfers next Monday so we will see if i get transferred or not!

Con todo mi corazon,

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