Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Adios Acapulco!

Happy Monday everyone!

I was transferred today :( I cannot express how sad it was to say goodbye to everyone! Literally, I love Acapulco and I truly have a family there. When we first got there (Hermana Arroyo and I) we were the first sister missionaries in that stake EVER so they loved us of coures ;) hahaha But all ended really well.

My new companions is Hermana Pirez! She is from Argentina! She also has the cooolest accent!! She has 3 months in the mission and is super sweet! I am looking forward to working with her! 

Well I want to share an incredible story with all of you! As I explained last week Matthew and his son Richard had plans to get baptized yesterday. Everything went smoothly. They showed up to church and were super happy, and Anna, as well showed up and just all were stoked. I also had to give my 3rd and final talk in that ward about repentence. It went really well but I was also super sad. at about 11:30 in the morning, everything got really weird though. My companion was talking with Anna and the missionaries who shared the ward with us. (They are also our zone leaders) and no one would tell me what was going on. People were telling me that we should wait to have the baptism later and it was really stressful. We finally got the room and everything set up. As I left the room I saw Richard and Matthew all dressed in white but someone else too! ANNA! Through my talk and other lessons that we had in church Anna realized that she too wanted to get baptized with her husband and her son. And without my knowledge, as a surprise for me and another sister in the ward, my companion and the elders in our ward recieved permission from our mission president to interview her yesterday and baptize her if the interview went well! EVeryone was crying and it was just excellent! I was so happy!

It was really hard to leave all of my family in Acapulco. I put my heart and soul into the 4.5 months I had there and really I can say that everything was better than when I found it from the members to the investigators. I love love love Acapulco but I know that God has some great things in store for me and Hermana Pirez here!

Thank you all for your love and support!
I love you guys and miss you all dearly!


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