Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mexican Idol

This is the kid of our ward mission leader named Jaret!
 He was swimming in their water tank and singing the little mermaid!
Hi everyone! 

I cannot believe that it is Monday AGAIN! The weeks have never flown by so fast in my life! But it is so awesome! I love the mission and all of the things that we learn here, good and bad :) Shout out to my dad all that he sent me.... ORGANIC JUNK FOOD hahaha! 
Jared was so stoked when he got baptized!
 I don't know about you guys,
 but Jared looked like Max from Hocus Pocus
(after being turned into a human again)
 to me! hahahah love oyu guys
 So this week was really weird. It was super awesome and also super weird haha. It was awesome because Jared was baptized! He was more than ready and is really into the idea of being a missionary! He has been asking us on how he can prepare to be one as well! He is just unreal and is like a sponge! He wants to know EVERYTHING right now haha. But we told him milk first and meat later :) 

It was weird because as we passed on the numbers of the things we had done this week it seemed like we did nothing. But I looked back at every single day and felt that we gave everything we could. We had a bunch of days where half of our appointments fell but those that didn't were super awesome. We have a super cute little family that we are teaching and they are really progressing! The mom is named Marcy (42) and the son Danny (10). They were not even a little bit interested in our first lesson but have now assisted the last two Sunday's and are reading everything and doing everything that I ask. Marcy is even in a process of repentance. They remembered their baptismal date and are really excited to make this covenant with God on the 22 of November. 

I got to see two sisters that were in my group in the MTC
 when we went to Tepotzlan. Hermana Tidwell
(brunette) was my companion!

Our wonderful Rosie has yet to be baptized. She now has come to church for one week short of two weeks straight. She is active in every part of the church. It has been really hard for her because she does want to be baptized but does not want to upset her mom. Her dad has given her permission but her mom wants her to be baptized in her Christian church. We are focusing on helping Rosie strengthen her relationship with God and looking for the answers that she needs in teh Book of Mormon. She serioualy knows more than I did before I was baptized. She is INCREDIBLE.

SO that's about all that I have for you guys this week. I forgot to tell youi guys last week that I ATE A GRASS HOPPER WITH MY QUESADILLA!!! It tasted like fish but not in a good way haha. Mexico is the best! Thank you all so much for everything you do for me. It is truly priceless. The title of this email is Mexican Idol becaaaause on the 6 of November we have a conference for the missionaries in my zone and another zone. One of the leaders in my zone is literally a musical genius and wants a few of us from our zone to sing a song that recently came out in teh church names "Come Unto Christ." The is unbelievably beautiful. This elder asked me to sing the female solo part. I am unbelievably nervous because it will be in front of our mission president and his wife and also this other zone. BUT even worse... since they took all of the missionaries out of the state of Guerrero in my mission (which is half the mission) there are double the missionaries in every
area so basically it's a ton of people. we practiced today and I am just really nervous. I convinced him to let another sister missionary sing some of my parts haha but it donesn't calm the nerves. Don't worry, I will get a video!


PS enjoy the photos :)


I have no idea what it is but I gave it food :)

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