Saturday, May 3, 2014


The girl on the far left has been a member for around 4 years,
 she also converted her mother and her sister who is
 standing to the right of me. After hearing my conversion story
and my reasons for choosing to serve a mission she has
now officially put her papers in to serve!!! SO stoked!!!
My companion is holding some paperwork that has nothing to
do with her serving a mission sooo theres that. sowwwwy hahaha
HOLA EVERYONE!!! This has been a crazy week. I just got done with my first transfer in the field... and normally you are not transferred in the first one but me and my companion were technically "emergency transferred." It's weird because it happened right during transfers so it worked out. I can not tell you guys why we were transferred but it's nothing to worry about. SO Hermana Arroyo and I are in Acapulco in an area called Costa Azul. We are about a 10 minute walk from the beach.... say whaaat? Too bad we aren't allowed to swim.

With one of the families of the ward. The woman
 I am hugging sells THE BEST tacos EVERRRR...!!!

Saying goodbye to some of our beloved members yesterday!

Our third baptism this Saturday with the mother 
of the girl who was baptized in my first week here :)
 It just shows me and my companions personalities!

 The kids are so stoked when they see how tall I am!! 
They love trying to slap my hand hahaha

 It is really different from our other area here. It is much busier. Our old place was a small town and here it is much more city. It is beautiful, there is sand everywhere which makes me feel like I am with my family in California. There have never been sister missionaries in this ward and we share the ward with elders. Our area is HUGE. I am kind of nervous because we are both new to this area and know nothing but I guess it's just a learning experience. I will send pictures of our new area next week because I literally only got here about an hour ago.

We finished our time well in our old area. We had a baptism last week of the mother of the girl we baptized in the first week. We had three baptisms in our first area and we left 5 people with baptismal dates there as well. I really will miss the people of my old area a lot. I cried a bit when saying goodbye to all of them. We recieved a lot of gifts. The people here are so incredibly loving. I love that about here.

I am so sorry that this email is short but to be honest with the quick change I can hardly remember this week. I am sending come pictures along and I hope you like them! I miss you all so much and love you guys with all of my heart! I hope that everyone is doing well and I will give you a better email next week!!

Con todo mi corazon,
These are simply of one family that I just love love love.
They are members of the ward and this is the gift that they
 came over to give me late last night!! I am truly blessed to know these wonderful people!

BY THE WAY....I have officially been baptized for two years today, April 28!! Holla at yo girrrl!!!

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