Monday, May 26, 2014

Street Vibrations 2014 Acapulco Mexico


The first is me and my companion in a fight
so we got put into timeout....hahahaha
First off,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE HERMANITO CHRIS!!! You are sooo old you 22 year old!
Also! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful, inspiring and over all wonderful best friend KELSIE for graduating from the University of Nevada Reno Magna Cum Laude (with high honors) on Friday! You deserve this for your very hard work in school! 
I love you both so very much!

This week has been... just a week. No way to describe it. Honestly it felt like we had signs over our heads that said "run away from the Mormons" because there was literally no one that wanted to talk to us. A lot of our 

lessons fell through, we didn't have anyone in church this week and people were just not interested. HOWEVER, what I am so grateful for is that the Lord has helped me and my companion not lose hope or faith. I know that there are going to be tough times but we can be strengthened through obedience and love for all those that we encounter. 
The sunsets here are INCREDIBLE

ALL WEEK we saw TONS of motorcycles. Enough to where everyone is complimenting on how many there are. It was like I was back in Reno working Street Vibrations! But the whole time we would be walking downtown I felt this urgency like I should be helping someone find out where their booth is or helping a participant find VIP stuff. It was quite funny! We had to go to downtown Acapulco A LOT this week. We had our regular meeting on Monday, then Zone conference for all of the missionaries in this zone and stake conference as well. Also, last night we had a "Noche de Barrio" which was basically a Family Home Evening for whole ward. It was really wonderful actually. My companion and I, as well as the other companionship of elders taught about the Restoration of the Gospel to the ward. We watched a shorter version of the Joseph Smith movie and then afterwards we all did a kneeling prayer as a ward. It was really spiritual and we recieved a few references from the members. Afterwards, we had pan dulce (sweet bread, which is basically like just so good that I can't even descrive it) and hot chocolate! It was so good! The hot chocolate here has like cinnamon in it! YUUUMMMM!! 

I feel like my emails have not been very interesting these past few weeks and I am so sorry! We don't really have any investigators that are truly progressing. We have two families that sometimes are, but one of the spouses in each family has to get divorced and then married before they can get baptized so we are working
A little but of what Acapulco looks like... And an awful picture of the oceanboth were taken when we were driving
through the canyon so theyre afwul...sorry haha
on that with them. I am looking forward to this week and the things that come. Also, I got bitten 8 times in one hour yesterday by mosquitos. Yeeeeaaaaaa. Haha BUT I do have com pictures for all of you!! I hope you enjoy them!

As always, I love you all so very much! I am so grateful for each and every one of you!


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