Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

This is the incredible burger that we
had last week. It was like
Awful Awful! AND HUGE!
Sooo there's no such thing as memorial day here in Mexico but that's ok because I am loving it in my heart! hahaha Actually... I didn't even know it was Memorial Day but now I do and I am happy!

 This has been such and awesome and silly week! I was sick starting about two saturdays ago until about Thursday of this last week. I had something called "gripe." I guess you get it pretty often out here from the heat. My companion and I decided that Mexico doesn't like me that much and is trying to kick me out by giving me parasites, cockroaches, and gripe. The beginning of the week was tough with this. My whole body ached, I sneezed every six seconds, I couldn't breath, my throat was swollen and I had a raging headache. It was crazy
how the Lord strengthened me though because the only times I had relief were when we were with people and honestly that's all that I needed. But as I said, I was feeling better at the end of the week. So much so, in fact, that this last Saturday my companion and I decided to get back to running. BUT, since Mexico is mad at me, in the first 5 minutes I fell. I mean, I fell hard. Haha I have scrapes on my hands and elbow. The worst is actually my right hip. It has a cut and I still can't sleep on that side. I think I might have a bone bruise. BUT I was still strengthened to keep running! I mean people, they are bad. I am excited for the sweet scars though! Then about an hour and a half later, we left the apartment to but a jug of water (you can't drink the water here so you have to buy big jugs) and I left the keys in the house. We were locked out for about a half an hour once we could break back in. This happened between 6:30-9:30 saturday morning. It was excellent! Later, I had an older man read my palm. He was very invested in it and all that he said afterwards was SUERTE. Which means Luck. Things have been better ever since haha. I also have one of the j√≥venes (teenagers) in our ward take my palm when he saw the scrape and poke it as hard as he could because he said it would help with the pain. It didn't help with the pain but he got blood on his finger. Karma? Hahaha 
The little kitten that snuck into our apartment
one night while we were studying. He was
sleeping on my companions scriptures!

This is the tree hous that one of our
 members live in and the HUGE BOOK
that the husband is reading! haha

 Rally it has been an awesome week. We didn't have a baptism or anything like that but we have found some relaly amazing people to teach and they are all so open to the gospel and ready! We have one investigator named 'Curtis.' Curtis is about 60 years old. Honestly, the first time I talked to him I was really scared. He is kind of intimidating BUT he ended up being the sweetest ever! I have loved getting to know him. He is Catholic but really liked church Sunday and is always so nice. He is like an uncle or something. He doesn't always understand what I say so sometimes after I say something he just looks at my companion and says "¿Que dice?" and nods  at me. It is so funny! He can't always remember what we say but he reads and tries to pray and always has questions. He is really trying to understand. We ended up having 11 people who have accepted a baptismal date this week. This is the most we have had in the mission thus far and we feel so good about ALL of them. They are all so interested. We also met a couple yesterday that we haven't talked to them about baptism but they are so eager to learn. We brought a member couple with us from the ward and they talked about the things that are offered for married couples through the church. This couple loves the idea that they could serve a mission together and be married for eternity. They have an odd schedule so we are looking to pass by for them later this week. 

The view from a little pathway in front of one
of the members house of one of the little cities on the
coast here in Acapulco
I don't have much time left but seriously you guys, this is THE HARDEST and THE BEST thing I have ever done in my life. I am recognizing the daily miracles that God send our way and it is beautiful. Through everything God has seriously strengthened me in everyday. He loves us so much and he is always here for us. I know that the Book of Mormon really in written by prophets that were inspired of God. I really do know that this gopsle changes lives because I see it daily.

I love you all so so much. Thank you for always supporting me and sending me your love. 
Hasta Lunes!

Con todo mi corazon,

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