Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Iguanas? Cockroaches?

Bueno!! (That's how we answer the phone here!) 

So as you all know I was transferred last week. I am in Acapulco in Costa Azul. I really like it here. We are about a 30 drive from downtown Acapulco. Downtown makes me feel like I am in the United States but surrounded by Mexicans! I am glad we are close but not in dowtown. We are in a more "suburban" area.

Me in downtown today after soccer! The was the same floor we ate
 burger king on! This is not my area, but the area of the other elders in the
 same ward as us! We also bought these sweet soccer jerseys in our last
 area that have our choice of number, last name, and the name
of my last zone (cuautla) on the sleeve! We are getting some
for this zone as well! They are only about $15!!
So here's the deal with our area. Our boundaries are HUGE. And I am not kidding when I say huge. It should really be two different boundaries but it isn't- My companion and I are in an area called Colosio which is, like I said, a 30 minute drive from dowtown and then there are other missionaries (elders) that cover the more down town part of our area. There are 4 missionaries in this ward, me and my companion and the elders. We are actually the only sister missionaries in our zone. There are 5 companionship of elders (ten elders total) and us.
Here is the interesting part. There has NEVER been sister missionaries in this area. There are some in more northern parts of Acapulco but never in this area. When we showed up to church yesterday everyone was so excited yelling "Hermanas! Hermanas!" So we are basically a big deal haha. De hecho (in fact), this area of Colosio has not had missionaries for about a year. So for the last year, the missionaries that have these boundries have lived in the down town area and would travel here two times a week to help the people here. So these people really haven't had full time missionaries in the area for a long time. They are pretty excited and so are we. BUT it has been basically like we have opened up this area and are starting from scratch. We have been working with the members to find people to teach and everyday we are lost. But it has been really fun. It's hard, but I really like it. The hard part is that we have a lot of less-active members who cant afford to make the trip to church every Sunday. We  have about 1200 members in our area but only about 130, if that, go to church on Sundays. We have our work cut out for us. 
The second is the 8 of us that went to burger king! Que Padre!

The heat... well it is pretty stinking hot here. This is their hot month too and then at the end of the month the rain starts. The humidity is hard. I really have been seeing the way that the Lord blesses us though with the way that he helps us get through everyday. It is incredible. My hair is literally in a pony tail everyday because it is so hot. My companion told me that I become more of a morena every day! Basically she says that I get darker everyday. My tan lines are dang crazy haha. 

So I have two funny stories for you guys this week. Yesterday morning, I woke up and after our prayers I went to use the rest room. Well I turned around to grab toilet paper (we dont have a little thing in the wall so it just sits on the toilet) and when I could actually see better I realized there was a HUGE cockroach sitting on it! It took me a second to figure it out because I was still half asleep! I screamed and threw the toilet paper out of my hands and on to the ground. The coacroachs flew directly onto the wall in front of me. I screamed again and grabbed the closest thing next to me (which was a bottle of clorox) and swung to hit it as it crawled up the wall. I hit it as hard as I could and it's mangled body went flying again. It's body on the ground and it's head ON MY LEG!!!!! I BEHEADED IT!!!!! It was the worst and funniest experience of my life. 

So here's the other: Today was Pday and we went an played soccer with our zone. So it was 10 elders and us. We played against a bunch of little kids in the neighborhood. It was terrifying because they literally hit it AS HARD AS THEY CAN. But it was also really fun. But that is not the funny part. So what happened is that later about 8 of us went to go eat at burger king. Not the healthiest but we enjoy the days that we don't eat Mexican haha. There were 6 natives and then me and anotehr elder who came int the mission at the same time as I did, who are from the US. Well we all made our orders but at some point during my order the cashier said something and I asked for clarification and I couldn't understand her. The thing is that it was really loud in there, and I think that had it been in English I would have been fine at the same noise level but since I couldn't distinguish her words with everyone elses I just said "si!" Well she gave me my cup to fill up and I went and sat down with everyone. As we waited for our food I recognized that the other American elder and I  had a size larger cup than everyone else at our table. Then a little time passed and one of the native missionaries recognized it too and he started laughing and said that She had obviously asked us "¿mas grande?" and he and I did the same exact thing and just said SI! It was pretty funny. We all laughed for a good time about it. I am looking forward to next weeks pday because we are planning a zone activity and there is a lot to do here!

Well, time has ran short so this is all I have for you guys this week. I know it's a lot but at the same time not much! Sorrrrry! I only took about 2 or 3 pictures this week because it wa super busy! I love you all so much! I miss you guys like crazy!

Con todo mi corazon,

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