Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hi everyone,

This is from an activity that we did the weekend before
 left Acapulco. Hermana Lopez and I make the
big Book of Mormon and the sign that says
 "Jesucristo vino a las Americas!" Which means
 "Jesus Christ come to the Americas"
 It was super fun and super successful!
This will be a short email because I am and have been super sick. I don't have any energy to write. Forgive me to everyone that I didn't write back to but I literally don't have any energy to even sit here. My whole body aches (more like my bones) as well as diahrrea (sorry to be frank) and desires to vomit as well as off and on headaches. Also, forgive me for all of the birthdays I have missed. 

Please meet Hermana Sonia, THE SWEETEST woman
in all of Acapulco! She cried when I told her I was leaving!

This week has been super slow. Hermana Pirez and I are trying to pick up the pace. My comp is used to walking around with members and using them in lessons that are already planned and I was used to talking to everyone and always teaching in every moment between planned lessons. It's not as busy where I am now. I miss Acapulco for that. My comp and I weren't really getting along at the beginning but on Thursday after the baptism we really talked it out and now we are doing a ton better. I think I have been also a bit stressed because when I got here the apartment was FILTHY.  We see that we both have strengths and are working together to to get rid of our weaknesses and just be a powerful companionship. I really have a lot of hope for us. Lots of prayers for us as a companioship and my health, porfa! 

I will add some pictures to make up for this lame email. 

Picture is of Anna, Matthew, 
Richard on the day of their baptism 
and their youngest son Toby! He is 6 :)
Love you guys so much!
This are my little brothers in Acapulco,
Jonathon on the right and Walter on the left!
They accompanied us a lot and were a lot of help!


This is the Matadama family! On the far left is 
Daniel and his father, the stake patriarch, is on the far right. 
Then Janet, cousin to Daniel, his aunt sister 
Matadama, and her son! There are a ton of this family missing but you get the idea! :)

Elder Mendez, Hermana Lopez, and Elder Gonzalez. Besties for life! haha

Me with the Stake President and his family!
And a cute little picture me and Hermana Lopez 
took before we departed with our matching bracelets and rings! 
Adios Acapulco!

Finally, this is Aldo! He's in the very middle
of his chavos (dudes, buddies).
He was baptized this last Thursday! YAY!

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