Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Buenos Tardes Familia!

I have shoutoutttttts :) This upcoming week we have birthdays! YAY! Haha so happy birthday to my cutie cousin Bailee! You are such a wonderful spirit, enjoy your day and don't cause too much trouble for your mom :) and to Todd Wise, don't cause too much trouble for Roxanne! haha love you guys, have such great birthdays!

We had the baptism of Cristopher this week! This awesome kid is seriously doing the best he can to turn his life around. The decision of Cristopher to be baptized has always helped is grandma to be more active in the church. It has been a blessing to see their whole family just turn around and work super hard in being followers of Christ. 

We are also working with Julia still. She has been so incredibly faithful that it inspires me. She attends church every Sunday, reads everything we give her and more, and prays constantly. She feels the love of God in her life and has never felt so sure about anything else. She will be getting baptized on Oct 11. We also are working with another young girl named Rosie. Her brother, Aldo, was baptized the first week I was here. She has zero interest in the church until she was touched by the spirit she felt in her brother's baptism. She has made an unreal amount of friends, has assisted every Sunday since our first lesson with her, she reads everything and understands it so well, she is just so smart. She will be getting baptized the weekend after Julia. She also inspires me because she is always searching to feel the spirit. She tries to understand the Book of Mormon better so that she can have a strong testimony. Also, two Sundays again a brother in the ward brought his friend Jared to church. Jared is 24 and works as a carpintero (you know, what Christ did, I just can't remember how to say it in English, forgive me haha). In our first lesson he asked us some brilliant questions like: "Who is Jesus Christ? I can't understand how one man changed the world like He did." Jared has a small background in religion. He knows the bible very well but struggles to understand the deeper meanings of the things and feels as if something is missing. We introduced him to the Book of Mormon. We only had the chance to see him once this week but he came to church again yesterday. He stayed for the whole three hours and was very involved. He even freely offered and then helped the other missionaries in the ward move houses. He also asked us if he would be eligible to serve a mission. He is super rad and is just thirsty for knowledge. He is planning to be baptized the week after Rosie which is the 25 of Octobre. These three people have been such an inspiration to me. They have taught me the value of putting God above all things and  have reminded me of the joy we feel through strengthening our relationships with Heavenly Father. 

I can't express how much I love the mission. I can't. This week I will complete 8 months in the mission! Yikes! Haha all I have to see is just work hard everyday, in whatever you're doing. Give it all. And in the middle of all that you are doing, find God and thank Him for everything He has given you.

I love you all so much and I think about you daily!

or as me and my companion would say
Te mando un brazo psicológico!,
Chau chau! 

Goodbyyye :)

PS: It has been some real life sweater weather here. It has been raining a ton and the lightning/thunder here literally shakes the buildings!

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