Tuesday, September 16, 2014

¡Viva Mexico!

Hola familia!!

So it's Independence Day here in Mexico and you can all bet your bottom dollar that I am wearing a green skirt, with a white shirt and a red bow in my hair! :) 

I have shout outsssss!! Woooo hooooo! A few are late, sorrrrrry but better late then never! So congrats to the newly wed Whitney Alger! Well, you're not Alger anymore, I don't know Brady's last name sooooo there's that... BUT Congratulations woman! Also birthday shout outs tooo: My first best friend ever, the beautiful Kristin Katich! The newly wed Chris Ensign, and that baby bum, baby Keaton! Congratulations and Happy birthday to each and everyone of you! I love you all!

Sicky head sister missionaries!
So it has been quite an interesting week.... Haha as I told you all last week I have been super sick. It started last Saturday (about 16 days ago) and just wouldn't quit. The Sunday before the last email I wrote we went church then ate lunch and I was sent back to our apartment for how I was feeling. I took some medicine that is required and it made me super sleepy. We got back to the apartment about 4 and I slept until 6:30 the next morning. (Monday when i wrote you.) I only woke up to change, wash my face and brush my teeth, thanks to my companion. It was pretty rough for the next couple days. I had a small fever but i started feeling a bit better but off and on I was just plan sick.

On Tuesday afternoon I started to recognize that my throat was beginning to scratch. Wednesday morning I woke up with Gripa, which is like the even mutant twin of a cold here in Mexico. Sore throat, stuffed up nose, headaches but worse than ever. And that on top of a total lack of energy. Wednesday night we got word from the sisters that share the ward with us that they were being sent to a different city the next day because one of them too was super sick. The same night my companion told me that she wasn't feeling well. She took her temp and told me that she didn't have a fever. Thursday morning we woke up and she felt super awful. She hurt in all of her body, had a killer headache and eventually nausea and diarrhea. The difference between her and I was that she woke up with a fever of almost 40* C which is about 103* F. Later after a lot of help from members and the mandate of our mission president we took her to a clinic to get some tests done. Well, turns out my companion has typhoid fever, the other sister missionary has gastritis and three types of parasites, and who knows what I had/have but it's not as bad as them haha. We were in the house/clinic all days Thursday and Friday. 

My attire when we were washing clothes and cleaning!
 Ignore the dirt on my shirt and jeans, a dog jumped on me today :)
I was able to do divisions with some members in the ward to go to leave for about 2 hours for some important appointments but other than that we were in the house. I don't have the same symptoms, only the end of the gripa, my companion is a lot better with the medication as well as the other sister. The 4th sister started feeling icky yesterday but really just pain in her stomach and nothing else. The leaders of our ward talked with us yesterday and are going to give a loving announcement to the sisters in our ward. The four of us eat in the same food everyday and we all got sick so they assume that one of the sisters is not washing/cooking the food well enough. All of the things that we have/had are food related problems. Anyways, the moral of the story is that it was a rough week! Haha but we all feel better now!

BUT! Let's talk about some miracles! Two weeks ago we found the sweeeeetest woman who literally is waiting to jump in and get baptized! Her name is Julia and she has had a ton of interaction of the church but the Lord has truly changed her heart. She even has a son in another ward that is a member and is sealed in the temple with his wife. We are doing everything super hush hush so that in three weeks her son will have the suprise of his mother in all white waiting for him to baptize her! The first week that she came to church she came in normal clothes but yesterday she came all dressed up! We commented on her beauty and she told us "Well I am going to stay here forever, right? I better fit t" It was just sweet! She is sooo wonderful and really she has jut embraces the gospel. She is even going back to every person that she can find that she has offended to apologize. She truly understands the meaning of repentance and that through it we will draw close to our Heavenly Father!

Well, sorry for the long email! I love you all and miss you ALLLWAYS! :) 
I hope this email finds you all in good spirits!
Until next week!


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