Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

I treated my comp to ice cream :)
It was excellent!
Ok, I am in Mexico so not really... but I do miss the snow. I never thought I would say it, but it{s the truth! I miss cold weather a little bit! 

This would be the family of Brother Kemish!
They threw a surprise party for me and
made some delicious flan!
My birthday cake :)
I really don't have a lot of big news for you guys. We are just trucking along. e have a baptism this week of an 8 year old named Cristian. He is super smart and super funny. We were talking about the Law of Chastity with him which is an awkward subject when it comes to kids but they need to know... So I first asked him if he had heard of the Law of Chastity before because his cousin and aunts and grandma are members. Well, sometimes he doesn't understand me because of my accent so he looked at me funny and then said "No, pero se que es la ley de hielo!" Which means, "No, but I know what the ic law is!" ....the ice law is basically when you and a big group of your friends ignore someone for a period of time. It was so funny. He's just awesome. His father is a recovering drug and alcohol addict. He invites his dad to pray with him every night and his dad is trying to give up coffee because he sat in with us when we taught the Word of Wisdom. 

The Family Lozada kids!
Two of the daughters of our second counselor.
On the left Yamilet Evolet and on the right Celeste Maelin
Well, uhhhh I am sick again ha. We found out that a sister in our ward has been serving us water from the tap which is a huge no no here. We realized that every time the four of us get sick it's after eating with her... We watched her a little more carefully the last time we ate with her and realized that she isn't using water from a gyraphone like everyone else does to make the drinks and cook.. I don't think she is doing it on purpose. There are people here who are used to using water from the tap. But we have been restricted from eating with her again. BUT she signed up to give u food for Christmas.... so we turned the tables round and said we would cook for her. I think she is actually grateful. She doesn't have much so while keeping ourselves healthy we are also doing a service for her. I feel blessed to be able to do this for her. We have had a lot of stomach problems so we are trying to get over them. I also hit my head super hard on a comi on my birthday. but harder than usual. Combis are like these little public buses that we use for transportation here. They are really small. And I often hit my head because i am so big compared to everyone else. But this time I hit it super hard and I think i might have a concussion haha.  My head has been hurting everyday since and I can sleep at about any moment. It feels like the other 4 concussions I have had. If it doesn't get better soon I think I will call the mission president's wife. :)

The last thing I just want to say is thank you to everyone for the Christmas an birthday wishes! My birthday, even though we were sick, was irritable!  A bunch on members and investigators called me. We ha three dinners. Two families that we are really close with threw me little surprise parties. It was honestly so beautiful. I felt so much love. I am still in awe in how much love was shown to me and I am so grateful for it!

Well That's all for this week! I am looking forward to talking to my family! But to everyone else, I love you all as well and I wish a very Merry Christmas to ech and every one of you! Your love, support, and prayers mean EVERYTHING to me!



I wanted to show you guys what I meant about our activity in the lat email that I sent!

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