Monday, December 8, 2014

Official.....Merry Christmas Time!!!!

We also helped a member decorate her
 tree outside! That sure was fun :) 
CHRISTMAS TIME!!! I can't believe it's actually Christmas time! I am so stoked. I definitely miss my family a little more that normal right now but it's also incredible because I don't feel that far from home. We have so many people here who want us to spend Christmas with us. On Christmas last year, we invited Elder Johnson and Elder Loveridge (now Brandon Loverdige haha) at my mom's house. They went bowling with us. They were a great presence to have that day. Although I don't think i will be going bowling I do know that I will enjoy my first and probably last Christmas in Mexico! 
This other dog is named Roy! He is crazy as well!
Yes, if you havent noticed, I am still in love with dogs haha

It was an excellent week for several reasons. We had an incredible miracle happen firstly! A mother, Maria, and her son, Angel were baptized on Saturday. We have been working with them for about four weeks. Maria wasn't sure about getting baptized because she truly understood the convenant that she would be making with God and didn't want to disappoint Him. We worked with her a lot, showing her who she could be if she would only put her faith in Christ, who could make her into a new person. Well, she did and on Tuesday afternoon she expressed to us that she was ready. The baptism itself kind of fell apart at the start. The ward leaders who needed to be there showed up later or didn't show up at all. The leader who had the overall for Maria showed up late and her whole family was there waiting. BUT thanks to the efforts of the other sister missionaries that share the ward with us and the elders who were going to baptize them that were there we were able to keep everyone busy until everyone who needed to be there was there. It was a beautiful baptismal ceremony. We sang Christmas songs before and after, and in the middle it was very spiritual. I just know that they have had such a true conversion to Christ. They truly desire to be the children that

God hopes that we will be. 

​Secondly, I found out that I am really am allergic to ants. I had a reaction one time to them and avoided them until Tuesday.... There were a ton in the house because we left the sugar out open... I tried to clean and had an allergic reaction haha. My eyes got big and swelled up. It was wonderful. I took allergy medicine that my comp had that night so I slept really well haha. Thirdly, a convert that we had about two months ago here, Julia, is just trucking along... She had an incredible testimony! She truly testifies that: "Christ changed me!" It's beautiful! Even at 65 years old she in accompanying us in lessons as well as the other sister missionaries, she is reading up to 40 pages in the Book of Mormon every day, AND yesterday she found us in the street talking with someone and openly shared her testimony with him and invited him to church with us.... without us asking her to! She here she is in this email as well as another with her crazy dog, Oaxaco! 
​I also got to cut my companions hair this week.. it was super fun! haha

But finally, what I would really like to invite every one of you to do is to visit the link below. And i would also like to testify of the gift that God gave us as we come into the Christmas time of year. As we get ready for the Christmas holiday, we find us focusing on the gifts that we plan to give. The truth of the matter is though, that about 2015 years ago we received the most important gift that has ever been given to us. Jesus Christ is the first and greatest example of God's love for us. This gift truly allows us to return to the presence of God and never leave it again. He is the gift. He is our pathway to finding true and everlasting happiness. Although the world waits for January 1 to be a new start and a new person, He offers this grand change in every moment of everyday. He is the most important thing that has happened to us. He changed the history of the world... we now even say Before Christ (BC) and After Christ (AC). As we find ourselves in the hardest times we can rely on Him to understand our pains and comforts us... not as the world comforts but as the Lord comfort. A comfort that is everlasting and divine. 

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