Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thank You!!!!!

This week my trainer came back to the mission with one of my 
first and beloved investigators! it was so great to see them! 
She still has not been baptized because her husband refuses 
to marry her BUT she still goes to church with her children every 
Sunday and is super fiel. It was beautiful to see and here this!
Thank you guys so much! I have recieved so many birthday wishes and I am so grateful! It doesn't even feel like it's December, let alone my birthday or Christmas! Your love is so special to me and it truly helps me start off my weeks! Speaking of weeks, we are in the 4th week of this transfer!! WHICH IS LOCO! This transfer has gone by sooo fast! I can hardly believe that we only have 2 weeks left! I only have 5 transfers left! After this transfer I will only have 7 months left in the mission! It has gone by so fast but we still have SO MUCH work to do! 

Anyway, this last week was so excellent! We saw so many beautiful little miracles. I have said this so much recently but I truly feel like God just keep Blessing us! Every one of the people that we are teaching truly have the desire to come unto Christ and it is inspiring for me. They teach me more than I feel like I teach them! It is so beautiful to have the point of view that I have right now. I can truly see the way that Christ changes the lives of people. Last
I don't have shoes on because I let Bet-Sua 
use them. She only had tennies and it was 
just easier for her to use my flats... haha

Friday we held a really cool activity. It was a multi ward activity. We have 4 sister missionaries in our ward and 4 elders that are in the other ward that shares our building. The activity was incredible! We started out with some games then we went into one of the rooms and did a really cool Christmas devotional type thing. When everyone
came in there were 12 wrapped gifts on the stage. We showed about 5 videos and had little talks and musical numbers in between all of the videos. The last video that we showed was the video that I shared with you guys a
few weeks ago, the "He is the Gift" video. In Spanish it's "El es la Dadiva." (You can find it at The other missionaries asked me to give my testimony after the last video. I really had a hard time saying anything, and not because I couldn't say it in any Spanish but because i couldn't say what I felt in any language in my vocabulary. The spirit was so strong in the room. We had about 150 members and investigators there and you could hardly find anyone who didn't have tears in their eyes. I finally mustered up the courage to start talking. As I gave my testimony we turned around the 12 gift boxes and each box had a letter spelling out "El es la Dadiva." Everyone was shocked. To be honest, everything that led up to the starting of teh activity was just stressful. People didn't show up with the food, the tech guy didn't come so we didn't have any way to show the videos. He was 3 hours late. BUT God has His ways to teach us. He taught us patience, and trust. Everyone left that room more edified than when they had entered. It was truly excellent and so spiritual.

On saturday we had the baptism of Joselyn and Bet-Sua! They are the best! We have been working with these girls since I got here about 4 months ago. As I said it has been difficult because their mom takes them our of town or sends them out of town a lot BUT this week we were finally able to help them complete their desires to be baptized. It was a beautiful service! Very spiritual! Apparently the water was really cold because as the elder stepped into the baptismal font he was making all sorts of noises. The girls were freaking out about it so before he turned arund I told him in english to knock it off because he was scaring them so he did haha. He turned around right after I told him that and said come on in to Bet-Sua! Although he had a huge smile on you could totally tell he was faking it. It was pretty funny but the girls didn't even care! They were so excited to start their new lives in Christ! the service was super spiritual! Their mom who is super supportive but is really into her Christian church started to cry and told us that she knew that everything that we had taught her daughters was true. She is now a new investigator :) 

WE HAVE BEEN SO BLESSED! I feel so blessed to be here and to be experiencing so many things! I fell that my faith has grown and that I have been truly humbled, even though i still have a long way to go. God truly answers prayers. I feel comforted in knowing that the work I am doing isn't my own but His. I feel so happy and it's just great!

I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a great week!!
Also, I have been warned by many members the here in Mexico they SOAK people on their birthdays... we will see what happens! hahaha

Also, in the last package my dad sent me he sent me 
bazooka bubble gum for when I am in the house... 
This was the wrapper I got....
Don't worry, I haven't changed...

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