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And please meet the baby Sofita! Today we washed our clothes and 
relaxed with a family here in the ward. The mom recently had little baby 
Sofie. I call her Sofita though! Before she was born I would talk to her 
and her mom started to tell me that she would always move A TON 
when I was talking. It was so special the first time I saw her. She is wonderful :)
Well this last week, Christmas week, was super weird and awesome haha. Here is Mexico they hardly celebrate Christmas. They celebrate more of Christmas Eve. Everyone goes to one house and eats dinner super late, like 8, 9, 10, 11...seriously. Then at 12 everyone hugs and they stay up really late talking and then on Christmas day everyone stays in there house and just sleeps. Also in Mexico they don't do anything like Santa Claus. They believe in Los Tres Reyes Magos which are the three wise man. This day in the 6 of January, that's when everyone gives their kids their presents. So anyway we are in vacations right now in Mexico so there is like literally no one here haha. It was super hard. We walked a lot cause a lot of appointments fell. On Christmas Eve we ate dinner with one of the families here. On Christmas morning I woke up sick again. I was throwing up, had um problems with my stomache, chills, sweats and an

awful headache. I spent basically the whole day in my bed. I left to talk to my parents at the church. The whole walk I threw up in front ov everyone. It was awesome haha. It was also super cold so that made me feel like home. When I finally just sat down and relaxed and started talking to my family I felt a little better but I was so tired afterwards. I have been pretty fine since. My body is really tired. Every morning when I wake up my whole body just hurts, I get a lot of headaches. I am not sure what's going on but I feel so blessed because the Lord has been strengthening me everyday. 
Cristian was baptized with his classmate who is part of our ward,
Henry. It was probably THE funniest thing I have ever seen.
 They are crack ups!
Saturday we had the baptism of Cristian, the coolest 8 year old ever. We have been working with the Garcia family. Thy are pretty new to this area and kind of less active. Cristian is the grandson of the grandma. We baptized Maria and Uriel about a month ago, Cristian is Uriel's cousin. We have been working really hard on activating them and helping them come unto Christ. They truly are so wonderful. This week we will be hosting the baptism of Roberta (10) and Frida (8). They came to us from another ward. Their parents work pretty much all of the time. The parents still are not ready to be baptized but they are supporting and encouraging their daughters to because they know that it will be the best for them. 

Thank you everyone for the Christmas and Birthday wishes. They truly meant so much to me. We have transfers next Monday so we will see what happens! I love you all so much and have a great, safe and happy new year! 

Con todo mi corazon Hermanaut

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