Monday, January 5, 2015


Well I have two great announcements! One, today I was transferred to a new area IN CUERNAVACA!!!! This city is where the mission home is and I have wanted to be here since I got to the mission and it finally happened! I am in the Cuernavaca Zone in an area called Burgos C. There are THREE sets of sister missionaries in this ward! AND this is where my trainer finished her mission! I am stoked to be here and have this new start. Really, the area is pretty new. We don't have many investigators but I am super stoked to get things going! The other anouncement is that TODAY I complete 11 months in the mission! Whaaaat?! In one month I will have ONE YEAR. The time is going by but not too fast and not too slow.

Last week we went to the Lima familes house for New Years Even dinner. We ate Pozole with is this DELICIOUS soup dish thing. It's truly to die for. The Lima's lived the farthest away from our area and out house so we got to stay with the other sisters in that ward for the night. We really enjoyed it and we were able to start off the new year well! 

On Saturday we enjoyed the baptism of Roberta (10) and Frida (8). These beautiful girls and their parents came to us from another ward. The girls had beed waiting to get baptized for a long time. Their parents are not members still. They like to do a lot of worldly things still. They finally let their girls get baptized. I must say, this baptism was one of the most special and I am not sure why. Although they were both very young they worked incredibly hard to be able to get to this point. Frida, the younger one was very shy. In the beginning of the lessons with them if we asked her a question she would get nervous and scared and start to cry. We worked with her a ton to get rid of her fears. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting where everyone who wants to can go up to the microphone and give their testimony. Well, as I sat next to Frida I suggested to her that she should go give hers. Well it took a bit but she finally told me that should would if I went with her. So we went up together. She held me hand the whole time and I stood next to her as she said "I know that this church is true. I know that God listens to our prayers up there in the heavens. In the name os Jesus Christ, amen." Well you all know me and know that I had tears in her eyes. As we sat back down with her dad he just looked at his daughter in amazement and kissed her on the forehead. Frida's parents had commented to us several times that she lacked a lot of confidence and was afraid to be away from her parents but as we have been able to teach her she has been a lot better. I feel so blessed to have seen this miracle. I know that Christ is merciful with all those that believe in His name and even with those who have hope for something better. He loves us and give us the courage we need to grow and be strong.

I am grateful for this new year. I am grateful to be in this new area. My companion just got done with her training. I am excited to work with her. I have been blessed with another Mexican companion, Hermana Canales from the state of Durango. I always get excited to wrk with sisters that have just gotten our of training because they have so much life, love and excitement for the work. I know we are going to continue seeing miracles.

Love you all and happy new year!


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