Thursday, July 2, 2015

Catch up

                                                                           Hi everyoneeeee!!!
 SHOUT OUTTTTT!!! Yesterday was my sweet mother's birthday. I would like to share with you guys a story that really just explains everything about my mom. Within the first few weeks of being in Mexico I wanted to go home desperately. I tried to only tell a few people and not my parents because I didn't want to worry them. However, I finally told my mom what I was feeling and that I wanted to go home. My mom was very worried about my coming here to Mexico and I honestly expected her to tell me that it would be ok if I went home... But she didn't. My mom doesn't form part of any religious group but she has a very great understand of enduring to the end. I don't remember the exact words that she told me and I can't find them….but I remember clearly that she told me that I made the decision to come here and that I need to complete with the calling that I was given. From that day on the mission didn't get easier but it was better because I knew that my amazing mother was behind me on it. I am grateful that she told me that because I am now only 5 weeks from finishing it and I am 200% sure that I would have regretted it. I owe a huge thanks to my mom, Denna, for always supporting and helping me in all that I have done. I LOVE YOU!!! 
This was the last district meeting with my last district and the
cutting of ties of the missionaries who went home last change.
I feel like I have said this a lot...but elders are SO ODDDDD.
In 5 weeeks I will be getting my tie cut :(

Anyway, this week was another wonderful weeek full of miracles and just happiness. It's stressful the last few weeks because you want to do a lot of things and have to think about a few things at home but I just love it. This has been the best ever. I don't plan to write much so that I can send you all a ton of pictures that will sum up the last few weeks! LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!!!


34 days


This was me trying to combine FIVE area books into one.... 

My last time in Cuautla... I cried

And a whole bunch of pictures from Cuautla!

 When my companion and I matchedd.... 
                                                                                       And what we had to do to fix a problem....
We had a talent show... and it was unreal! So much success!

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